IPC Classification

These pages provide an overview of the patent classification codes used on our site. The International Patent Classification begins with eight very general sections labelled A to G, which are subdivided into progressively more specific categories, the most specific of which are the groups and subgroups (e.g. E06C 1/00 "Ladders in general", "E06C 1/56 "Rope or chain ladders") referenced in patents.

To keep interactions manageable we display three levels rather than the five provided by the IPC: sections, subclasses (e.g. E06C "Ladders"), and groups/subgroups combined. Click on a section or subclass label to expand it.

Although the IPC is updated annually, these listings show only the most recent description for a given category; entries are not keyed to a particular IPC version and do not reflect the history of the category.

For authoritative information on the IPC, including full version details and explanatory notes, we recommend the relevant section at the site of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO): WIPO IPC Page

Class code (prefix) Descriptions Number of results
A Human necessities
B Performing operations; transporting
C Chemistry; metallurgy
D Textiles; paper
E Fixed constructions
F Mechanical engineering; lighting; heating; weapons; blasting
G Physics
H Electricity