IPC Classification

Class code (prefix) Descriptions Number of results
H01B Cables; conductors; insulators; selection of materials for their conductive, insulating or dielectric properties
H01C Resistors
H01F Magnets; inductances; transformers; selection of materials for their magnetic properties
H01G Capacitors; capacitors, rectifiers, detectors, switching devices, light-sensitive or temperature-sensitive devices of the electrolytic type
H01H Electric switches; relays; selectors; emergency protective devices
H01J Electric discharge tubes or discharge lamps
H01K Electric incandescent lamps
H01L Semiconductor devices not covered by class
H01M Processes or means, e.g. batteries, for the direct conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy
H01P Waveguides; resonators, lines or other devices of the waveguide type
H01Q Antennas, i.e. radio aerials
H01R Electrically-conductive connections; structural associations of a plurality of mutually-insulated electrical connecting elements; coupling devices; current collectors
H01S Devices using the process of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation [laser] to amplify or generate light; devices using stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation in wave ranges other than optical
H01T Spark gaps; overvoltage arresters using spark gaps; sparking plugs; corona devices; generating ions to be introduced into non-enclosed gases
H02B Boards, substations or switching arrangements for the supply or distribution of electric power
H02G Installation of electric cables or lines, or of combined optical and electric cables or lines
H02H Emergency protective circuit arrangements
H02J Circuit arrangements or systems for supplying or distributing electric power; systems for storing electric energy
H02K Dynamo-electric machines
H02M Apparatus for conversion between ac and ac, between ac and dc, or between dc and dc, and for use with mains or similar power supply systems; conversion of dc or ac input power into surge output power; control or regulation thereof
H02N Electric machines not otherwise provided for
H02P Control or regulation of electric motors, electric generators or dynamo-electric converters; controlling transformers, reactors or choke coils
H02S Generation of electric power by conversion of infrared radiation, visible light or ultraviolet light, e.g. using photovoltaic [pv] modules
H03B Generation of oscillations, directly or by frequency-changing, by circuits employing active elements which operate in a non-switching manner; generation of noise by such circuits
H03C Modulation
H03D Demodulation or transference of modulation from one carrier to another
H03F Amplifiers
H03G Control of amplification
H03H Impedance networks, e.g. resonant circuits; resonators
H03J Tuning resonant circuits; selecting resonant circuits
H03K Pulse technique
H03L Automatic control, starting, synchronisation, or stabilisation of generators of electronic oscillations or pulses
H03M Coding, decoding or code conversion, in general
H04B Transmission
H04H Broadcast communication
H04J Multiplex communication
H04K Secret communication; jamming of communication
H04L Transmission of digital information, e.g. telegraphic communication
H04M Telephonic communication
H04N Pictorial communication, e.g. television
H04Q Selecting
H04R Loudspeakers, microphones, gramophone pick-ups or like acoustic electromechanical transducers; deaf-aid sets; public address systems
H04S Stereophonic systems
H04W Wireless communication networks
H05B Electric heating; electric light sources not otherwise provided for; circuit arrangements for electric light sources, in general
H05C Electric circuits or apparatus specially designed for use in equipment for killing, stunning, enclosing or guiding living beings
H05F Static electricity; naturally-occurring electricity
H05G X-ray technique
H05H Plasma technique; production of accelerated electrically- charged particles or of neutrons; production or acceleration of neutral molecular or atomic beams
H05K Printed circuits; casings or constructional details of electric apparatus; manufacture of assemblages of electrical components
H10B Electronic memory devices
H10K Organic electric solid-state devices
H10N Electric solid-state devices not otherwise provided for
H99Z Subject matter not otherwise provided for in this section