IPC Classification

Class code (prefix) Descriptions Number of results
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  • F - Mechanical engineering; lighting; heating; weapons; blasting
F01B Machines or engines, in general or of positive-displacement type, e.g. steam engines
F01C Rotary-piston or oscillating-piston machines or engines
F01D Non-positive-displacement machines or engines, e.g. steam turbines
F01K Steam engine plants; steam accumulators; engine plants not otherwise provided for; engines using special working fluids or cycles
F01L Cyclically operating valves for machines or engines
F01M Lubricating of machines or engines in general; lubricating internal-combustion engines; crankcase ventilating
F01N Gas-flow silencers or exhaust apparatus for machines or engines in general; gas-flow silencers or exhaust apparatus for internal-combustion engines
F01P Cooling of machines or engines in general; cooling of internal-combustion engines
F02B Internal-combustion piston engines; combustion engines in general
F02C Gas-turbine plants; air intakes for jet-propulsion plants; controlling fuel supply in air-breathing jet-propulsion plants
F02D Controlling combustion engines
F02F Cylinders, pistons, or casings for combustion engines; arrangements of sealings in combustion engines
F02G Hot-gas or combustion-product positive-displacement engine plants; use of waste heat of combustion engines, not otherwise provided for
F02K Jet-propulsion plants
F02M Supplying combustion engines in general with combustible mixtures or constituents thereof
F02N Starting of combustion engines; starting aids for such engines, not otherwise provided for
F02P Ignition, other than compression ignition, for internal-combustion engines; testing of ignition timing in compression-ignition engines
F03B Machines or engines for liquids
F03C Positive-displacement engines driven by liquids
F03D Wind motors
F03G Spring, weight, inertia, or like motors; mechanical-power-producing devices or mechanisms, not otherwise provided for or using energy sources not otherwise provided for
F03H Producing a reactive propulsive thrust, not otherwise provided for
F04B Positive-displacement machines for liquids; pumps
F04C Rotary-piston, or oscillating-piston, positive-displacement machines for liquids; rotary-piston, or oscillating-piston, positive-displacement pumps
F04D Non-positive-displacement pumps
F04F Pumping of fluid by direct contact of another fluid or by using inertia of fluid to be pumped; siphons
F15B Systems acting by means of fluids in general; fluid-pressure actuators, e.g. servomotors; details of fluid-pressure systems, not otherwise provided for
F15C Fluid-circuit elements predominantly used for computing or control purposes
F15D Fluid dynamics, i.e. methods or means for influencing the flow of gases or liquids
F16B Devices for fastening or securing constructional elements or machine parts together, e.g. nails, bolts, circlips, clamps, clips or wedges; joints or jointing
F16C Shafts; flexible shafts; mechanical means for transmitting movement in a flexible sheathing; elements of crankshaft mechanisms; pivots; pivotal connections; rotary engineering elements other than gearing, coupling, clutch or brake elements; bearings
F16D Couplings for transmitting rotation; clutches; brakes
F16F Springs; shock-absorbers; means for damping vibration
F16G Belts, cables, or ropes, predominantly used for driving purposes; chains; fittings predominantly used therefor
F16H Gearing
F16J Pistons; cylinders; pressure vessels in general; sealings
F16K Valves; taps; cocks; actuating-floats; devices for venting or aerating
F16L Pipes; joints or fittings for pipes; supports for pipes, cables or protective tubing; means for thermal insulation in general
F16M Frames, casings or beds of engines, machines or apparatus, not specific to engines, machines or apparatus provided for elsewhere; stands; supports
F16N Lubricating
F16P Safety devices in general
F16S Constructional elements in general; structures built-up from such elements, in general
F16T Steam traps or like apparatus for draining-off liquids from enclosures predominantly containing gases or vapours
F17B Gas-holders of variable capacity
F17C Vessels for containing or storing compressed, liquefied, or solidified gases; fixed-capacity gas-holders; filling vessels with, or discharging from vessels, compressed, liquefied, or solidified gases
F17D Pipe-line systems; pipe-lines
F21H Incandescent mantles; other incandescent bodies heated by combustion
F21K Non-electric light sources using luminescence; light sources using electrochemiluminescence; light sources using charges of combustible material; light sources using semiconductor devices as light-generating elements; light sources not otherwise provided for
F21L Lighting devices or systems thereof, being portable or specially adapted for transportation
F21S Non-portable lighting devices; systems thereof; vehicle lighting devices specially adapted for vehicle exteriors
F21V Functional features or details of lighting devices or systems thereof; structural combinations of lighting devices with other articles, not otherwise provided for
F21W Indexing scheme associated with subclasses , , and , relating to uses or applications of lighting devices or systems
F21Y Indexing scheme associated with subclasses , , and , relating to the form or the kind of the light sources or of the colour of the light emitted
F22B Methods of steam generation; steam boilers
F22D Preheating, or accumulating preheated, feed-water for steam generation; feed-water supply for steam generation; controlling water level for steam generation; auxiliary devices for promoting water circulation within steam boilers
F22G Superheating of steam
F23B Methods or apparatus for combustion using only solid fuel
F23C Methods or apparatus for combustion using fluid fuel or solid fuel suspended in air
F23D Burners
F23G Cremation furnaces; consuming waste or low grade fuels by combustion
F23H Grates; cleaning or raking grates
F23J Removal or treatment of combustion products or combustion residues; flues
F23K Feeding fuel to combustion apparatus
F23L Supplying air or non-combustible liquids or gases to combustion apparatus in general; valves or dampers specially adapted for controlling air supply or draught in combustion apparatus; inducing draught in combustion apparatus; tops for chimneys or ventilating shafts; terminals for flues
F23M Casings, linings, walls or doors specially adapted for combustion chambers, e.g. firebridges; devices for deflecting air, flames or combustion products in combustion chambers; safety arrangements specially adapted for combustion apparatus; details of combustion chambers, not otherwise provided for
F23N Regulating or controlling combustion
F23Q Ignition; extinguishing devices
F23R Generating combustion products of high pressure or high velocity, e.g. gas-turbine combustion chambers
F24B Domestic stoves or ranges for solid fuels ; implements for use in connection with stoves or ranges
F24C Domestic stoves or ranges; details of domestic stoves or ranges, of general application
F24D Domestic- or space-heating systems, e.g. central heating systems; domestic hot-water supply systems; elements or components therefor
F24F Air-conditioning; air-humidification; ventilation; use of air currents for screening
F24H Fluid heaters, e.g. water or air heaters, having heat-generating means, e.g. heat pumps, in general
F24J Production or use of heat not otherwise provided for (materials therefor C09K 5/00;engines or other mechanisms for producing mechanical power from heat, see the relevant classes, e.g. f03g for using natural heat)
F24S Solar heat collectors; solar heat systems
F24T Geothermal collectors; geothermal systems
F24V Collection, production or use of heat not otherwise provided for
F25B Refrigeration machines, plants or systems; combined heating and refrigeration systems; heat pump systems
F25C Producing, working or handling ice
F25D Refrigerators; cold rooms; ice-boxes; cooling or freezing apparatus not otherwise provided for
F25J Liquefaction, solidification, or separation of gases or gaseous mixtures by pressure and cold treatment
F26B Drying solid materials or objects by removing liquid therefrom
F27B Furnaces, kilns, ovens, or retorts in general; open sintering or like apparatus
F27D Details or accessories of furnaces, kilns, ovens, or retorts, in so far as they are of kinds occurring in more than one kind of furnace
F28B Steam or vapour condensers
F28C Heat-exchange apparatus, not provided for in another subclass, in which the heat-exchange media come into direct contact without chemical interaction
F28D Heat-exchange apparatus, not provided for in another subclass, in which the heat-exchange media do not come into direct contact; heat storage plants or apparatus in general
F28F Details of heat-exchange or heat-transfer apparatus, of general application
F28G Cleaning of internal or external surfaces of heat-exchange or heat-transfer conduits, e.g. water tubes of boilers
F41A Functional features or details common to both smallarms and ordnance, e.g. cannons; mountings for smallarms or ordnance
F41B Weapons for projecting missiles without use of explosive or combustible propellant charge; weapons not otherwise provided for
F41C Smallarms, e.g. pistols or rifles; accessories therefor
F41F Apparatus for launching projectiles or missiles from barrels, e.g. cannons; launchers for rockets or torpedoes; harpoon guns
F41G Weapon sights; aiming
F41H Armour; armoured turrets; armoured or armed vehicles; means of attack or defence, e.g. camouflage, in general
F41J Targets; target ranges; bullet catchers
F42B Explosive charges, e.g. for blasting; fireworks; ammunition
F42C Ammunition fuzes; arming or safety means therefor
F42D Blasting
F99Z Subject matter not otherwise provided for in this section