IPC Classification

Class code (prefix) Descriptions Number of results
D01B Mechanical treatment of natural fibrous or filamentary material to obtain fibres or filaments, e.g. for spinning
D01C Chemical or biological treatment of natural filamentary or fibrous material to obtain filaments or fibres for spinning; carbonising rags to recover animal fibres
D01D Mechanical methods or apparatus in the manufacture of man-made filaments, threads, fibres, bristles or ribbons
D01F Chemical features in the manufacture of man-made filaments, threads, fibres, bristles or ribbons; apparatus specially adapted for the manufacture of carbon filaments
D01G Preliminary treatment of fibres, e.g. for spinning
D01H Spinning or twisting
D02G Crimping or curling fibres, filaments, yarns, or threads; yarns or threads
D02H Warping, beaming, or leasing
D02J Finishing or dressing of filaments, yarns, threads, cords, ropes, or the like
D03C Shedding mechanisms; pattern cards or chains; punching of cards; designing patterns
D03D Woven fabrics; methods of weaving; looms
D03J Auxiliary weaving apparatus; weavers' tools; shuttles
D04B Knitting
D04C Braiding or manufacture of lace, including bobbin-net or carbonised lace; braiding machines; braid; lace
D04D Trimmings; ribbons, tapes, or bands, not otherwise provided for
D04G Making nets by knotting of filamentary material; making knotted carpets or tapestries; knotting not otherwise provided for
D04H Making textile fabrics, e.g. from fibres or filamentary material; fabrics made by such processes or apparatus, e.g. felts, non-woven fabrics; cotton-wool; wadding
D05B Sewing
D05C Embroidering; tufting
D06B Treating textile materials using liquids, gases or vapours
D06C Finishing, dressing, tentering or stretching textile fabrics
D06F Laundering, drying, ironing, pressing or folding textile articles
D06G Mechanical or pressure cleaning of carpets, rugs, sacks, hides, or other skin or textile articles or fabrics; turning inside-out flexible tubular or other hollow articles
D06H Marking, inspecting, seaming or severing textile materials
D06J Pleating, kilting or goffering textile fabrics or wearing apparel
D06L Dry-cleaning, washing or bleaching fibres, filaments, threads, yarns, fabrics, feathers or made-up fibrous goods; bleaching leather or furs
D06M Treatment, not provided for elsewhere in class , of fibres, threads, yarns, fabrics, feathers or fibrous goods made from such materials
D06N Wall, floor, or like covering materials, e.g. linoleum, oilcloth, artificial leather, roofing felt, consisting of a fibrous web coated with a layer of macromolecular material; flexible sheet material not otherwise provided for
D06P Dyeing or printing textiles; dyeing leather, furs or solid macromolecular substances in any form
D06Q Decorating textiles
D07B Ropes or cables in general
D21B Fibrous raw materials or their mechanical treatment
D21C Production of cellulose by removing non-cellulose substances from cellulose- containing materials; regeneration of pulping liquors; apparatus therefor
D21D Treatment of the materials before passing to the paper-making machine
D21F Paper-making machines; methods of producing paper thereon
D21G Calenders; accessories for paper-making machines
D21H Pulp compositions; preparation thereof not covered by subclasses , ; impregnating or coating of paper; treatment of finished paper not covered by class or subclass ; paper not otherwise provided for
D21J Fibreboard; manufacture of articles from cellulosic fibrous suspensions or from papier-mâché
D99Z Subject matter not otherwise provided for in this section