IPC Classification

Class code (prefix) Descriptions Number of results
E01B Permanent way; permanent-way tools; machines for making railways of all kinds
E01C Construction of, or surfaces for, roads, sports grounds, or the like; machines or auxiliary tools for construction or repair
E01D Bridges
E01F Additional work, such as equipping roads or the construction of platforms, helicopter landing stages, signs, snow fences, or the like
E01H Street cleaning; cleaning of permanent ways; cleaning beaches; cleaning land; dispersing fog in general
E02B Hydraulic engineering
E02C Ship-lifting devices or mechanisms
E02D Foundations; excavations; embankments; underground or underwater structures
E02F Dredging; soil-shifting
E03B Installations or methods for obtaining, collecting, or distributing water
E03C Domestic plumbing installations for fresh water or waste water; sinks
E03D Water-closets or urinals with flushing devices; flushing valves therefor
E03F Sewers; cesspools
E04B General building constructions; walls, e.g. partitions; roofs; floors; ceilings; insulation or other protection of buildings
E04C Structural elements; building materials
E04D Roof coverings; sky-lights; gutters; roof-working tools
E04F Finishing work on buildings, e.g. stairs, floors
E04G Scaffolding; forms; shuttering; building implements or aids, or their use; handling building materials on the site; repairing, breaking-up or other work on existing buildings
E04H Buildings or like structures for particular purposes; swimming or splash baths or pools; masts; fencing; tents or canopies, in general
E05B Locks; accessories therefor; handcuffs
E05C Bolts or fastening devices for wings, specially for doors or windows
E05D Hinges or suspension devices for doors, windows or wings
E05F Devices for moving wings into open or closed position; checks for wings; wing fittings not otherwise provided for, concerned with the functioning of the wing
E05G Safes or strong-rooms for valuables; bank protection devices; safety transaction partitions
E06B Fixed or movable closures for openings in buildings, vehicles, fences, or like enclosures, in general, e.g. doors, windows, blinds, gates
E06C Ladders
E21B Earth or rock drilling; obtaining oil, gas, water, soluble or meltable materials or a slurry of minerals from wells
E21C Mining or quarrying
E21D Shafts; tunnels; galleries; large underground chambers
E21F Safety devices, transport, filling-up, rescue, ventilation, or drainage in or of mines or tunnels
E99Z Subject matter not otherwise provided for in this section