Registre Marque USPTO
Numéro de série 97665938
Statut En instance
Date de dépôt 2022-11-07
Propriétaire LG CORP. (République de Corée)
Classes de Nice  ? 35 - Publicité; Affaires commerciales

Produits et services

Providing searchable on-line advertising guides featuring the goods and services of online vendors; Advertising the goods and services of on-line vendors via a searchable on-line guide; Advice in the field of business management and marketing; Planning, conducting, and measuring the effectiveness of addressable TV and digital advertising campaigns; Production of advertising materials, namely, providing advertisers with massive-scale CTV (connected television) and digital video inventory and providing real-time measurement for optimizing ad campaigns; Information services relating to advertising; Provision of statistical information concerning economics and business for commercial purposes; Advertising and marketing consultancy; Advertising and promotion services and information services relating thereto; Dissemination of advertising for others via an on-line electronic communications network; On-line advertising; On-line data processing services; On-line promotion of computer networks and websites; Providing an on-line commercial information directory on the internet