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Numéro de série 97038553
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Date de dépôt 2021-09-21
Date de publication 2022-08-30
Propriétaire Google LLC ()
Classes de Nice  ? 09 - Appareils et instruments scientifiques et électriques

Produits et services

Integrated circuits; computer hardware, namely, cables, camera modules, expansion boards, accessory boards, microphone boards, speakers, microprocessors, motherboards, development boards, computer central processing units, environmental sensor boards, multi-chip-modules (mcm), namely, integrated circuit modules, PCIE (peripheral component interconnect express) modules, solid state drives in m.2 form factor, PCIE in m.2 form factor, circuit boards and integrated circuits, cameras for use with computers, apparatus for data storage, namely, memory cards such as sd cards, power supplies; computer hardware and downloadable software for machine learning, data analysis, learning algorithms; downloadable computer software for implementing a computer programming language; downloadable computer software development tools for use in the fields of facilitating the deployment of artificial intelligence solutions, deep learning, high performance computing, and machine learning; system on module, namely, integrated board-level circuits that integrate a system function in a single module and downloadable embedded firmware for operating the foregoing; modular computer hardware for use in embedded systems and downloadable embedded firmware for operating the foregoing; computer hardware modules for use in internet of things (IoT) electronic devices