Registre Marque USPTO
Numéro de série 86671411
Statut Enregistrée
Date de dépôt 2015-06-23
Date de publication 2016-03-08
Date d'enregistrement 2017-07-11
Propriétaire Regal-Beloit Corporation ()
Classes de Nice  ? 07 - Machines et machines-outils

Produits et services

Machine parts, namely, mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical power transmission components and bearing products for machines, namely, gears, gear racks, torque limiters, idlers, tighteners, sheaves, chain guides, wear strips, flange mountings with bearings, bearings, bearing seals, adaptor bearings, pillow blocks, flange blocks, take-up units, take-up frames, bushings, belts, flexible couplings, roller chain drives, sprockets, roller chains, pulleys, motor bases, chain tools, namely, machine tools for disconnecting roller chain in bulk lengths for cutting, repair and alternation of roller chain, keys, hubs for the adjustment of motor drives, gear drives and cams, keystock, speed reducers, geared sprockets, gear spindles, electrical adjustable speed drives, springs, pins, retainer rings, AC and DC electric motors, electric motor bases, clutches, clutch brakes, clutch brake couplings, wire for maintaining a uniform air gap in electromagnetic friction clutches and brakes, ball screws, machinery shaft couplings, set collars, locking collars for antifriction bearing units, torque converters, torque overload devices, u-joints; conveyors, conveyor belts, conveyor lines and replacement parts therefore; mechanical drives for machines, namely, drives for automated industrial machinery; electric pumps and motors used in HVAC equipment