Registre Marque USPTO
Numéro de série 79019723
Statut Enregistrée
Date de dépôt 2004-09-28
Date de publication 2006-11-14
Date d'enregistrement 2007-01-30
Propriétaire OMRON Corporation (Japon)
Classes de Nice  ?
  • 09 - Appareils et instruments scientifiques et électriques
  • 10 - Appareils et instruments médicaux
  • 12 - Véhicules; appareils de locomotion par terre, par air ou par eau; parties de véhicules
  • 37 - Services de construction; extraction minière; installation et réparation
  • 42 - Services scientifiques, technologiques et industriels, recherche et conception

Produits et services

Abacuses; accounting machines; accumulators; adding machines; alarms, namely, fire alarms and gas alarms; amplifiers; amusement apparatus, namely, video game machines adapted for use with television receivers only; antennas; anti-interference devices, namely, electromagnetic signal anti-interference antenna adapters; anti-theft warning apparatus, namely, proximity sensors, audio speakers, and anti-theft alarms for vehicles; automatic security gates; automatic ticket sellers, namely, electronic terminals; batteries; warning bells; blinkers, namely, automobile indicator lights; electric buzzers; electric cables; calculating machines, namely, computer software and circuits that perform mathematical operations; camcorders; cameras; capacity measurers, namely, capacitors; cash registers; central processing units; chargers for batteries; cigar lighters for automobiles; cinematographic cameras; cinematographic films; circuit breakers; electric circuit closers; blank compact discs; computer for traffic information processing; computer game programs; computer hardware; computer keyboards; computer memories; computer operating programs; computer peripherals; computer programs for use in the operation of security systems, automation systems, electronic fund transfer systems, public transport systems, traffic and road management, and parking systems; computers; condensers, namely, capacitors; electrical conductors, electricity conduits; electrical connection boxes; electrical connectors; contacts, namely, junctions between electrical conductors; electric control panels; power controllers; rotary converters; couplers, namely, electrical power distribution blocks; counters, namely, electronic counting circuits; acoustic couplers; data medias, namely, blank optical disks, memory cards, magnetic tapes, and magnetic disks; detectors, namely, motion detectors, smoke detectors and proximity detectors; diagnostic apparatus not for medical purposes, namely, in-line connectors, diagnostic sub-D connectors, and diagnostic meters for identifying network power, data errors, excessive bandwidth consumption and circuit problems; laboratory equipment, namely, gas discharge tubes, electric discharge tubes, cathode-ray tubes, and vacuum discharge tubes; distance measuring apparatus, namely, tape measures, odometers and pedometers; electric apparatus for communication, namely, signal transmitters, signal receivers, signal encoders and signal decoders; electric door bells; electric door openers and closers; electricity reducers, namely, light switches; electronic agendas; electronic pocket translators; downloadable electronic publications, namely, magazines, articles, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, handbooks, booklets, instruction manuals, reports and pictures in the fields of industrial automation, health care, electronic components, automotive electronics, and social systems recorded on computer media; encoders; fiber optic cables; fire extinguishing apparatus, namely, temperature, fire and/or smoke detectors and automatic fire sprinklers; photography flash lights, namely, flash units for cameras; frequency meters; high frequency apparatus, namely, high frequency signal connectors, high frequency signal transmission cables, high frequency signal generators and electrical transformers; IC chips, namely, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags; igniting apparatus, namely, remote electrical igniters; electronic indicators, namely, digital displays and panel meters; electrical inductors; cards with integrated circuits; integrated circuits; intercommunication apparatus, namely, wireless intercoms, cell phones, headsets and microphones; interfaces for computers, namely, computer operator interface boards; inverters; invoicing machines, namely, cash registers and credit card readers; kilometer recorders for vehicles, namely, odometers; lasers, not for medical purposes; light conducting filaments; light emitting diodes; limiters, namely, electrical limiters; magnetic cards; magnetic data media, namely, blank magnetic data tapes and cartridges; blank magnetic discs; magnetic encoded cards, namely, credit cards; magnetic encoders; magnetic tape units for computers, namely, drivers and recorders; measuring apparatus, namely, electric, pressure, motion and temperature meters; mileage recorders, namely, odometers; modems; money counting and sorting machines; monitoring apparatus, namely, tire pressure monitoring systems composed of tire pressure gauges and measurers for automobiles; computer hardware in the nature of computer monitors; navigation apparatus and instruments, namely, GPS electronic navigation instruments composed of navigation computers and navigational radars; optical communication devices, namely, optical transceivers, optical transponders, optical transmitters and receivers, and optical sensors; blank optical discs; optical fibers, namely, optical fiber connectors, optical fiber cables, optical fiber sensors, and optical fiber amplifiers; parking meters; pedometers; phototelegraphy apparatus, namely, digital camera phones and photoelectric sensors; photography enlarging apparatus, namely, photograph processing enlargers; point of sales terminal and peripheral equipments, namely, cash drawers, column receipt printers, barcode scanners, printer cables, and printer ribbons; power supplies; automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicles tires; printed circuits; printers used with computers; radar apparatus, namely, laser radar sensors and navigation radars; radios; radiotelegraphy sets, namely, wireless telephones; telephone receivers; electric regulating apparatus, namely, voltage regulators, circuit regulators and power regulators; light regulators, namely, illumination regulators; electric relays, namely, PCB relays, plug-in relays, solid-state relays, power relays, safety relays, and general purpose relays; remote control apparatus, namely, remote keyless entry fobs and sensors, and audio-visual component hand-held remote controls; resistances, namely, electric resistors; road signs, namely, luminous road signs; salinometers; scanners; semiconductors; transmitters of electronic signals; sirens; pre-recorded smart cards for automotive electronics, industrial automation, and healthcare equipment; sonars; sound locating apparatus, namely, sound wave sensors, and sound and vibration diagnosis computer software; luminous signs; sound recording apparatus, namely, audio tape recorders, sound recording software, and microphones; sound reproduction apparatus, namely, speakers, headphones, buzzers and volume adjustment circuits; sound transmitting apparatus, namely, electrical cables, optical cables, wireless signal transmitters and receivers; speed checking apparatus for vehicles, namely, radar-based speed sensors, laser-based speed sensors, and speedometers; switches, namely, contactless, detection, electric, electronic motion sensitive, electronic touch sensitive, ultrasonic, photoelectric, pressure, programmable, proximity, selector, static, tactile, thermal, thumbwheel, and level switches; telegraphs; telephones; teleprinters; teleprompters; telerupters; televisions; terminals, namely, computer terminals and link terminals; thermometers not for medical purposes; thermostats; ticket dispensers; time recording apparatus, namely, time sensors, time data storage systems composed of printers and self-timers for cameras; transceivers, namely, electrical and optical signal transceivers; electric transformers; transistors; telecommunication transmitters; automatic turnstiles; vehicle breakdown warning triangles; vending machines; video telephones; electro manometers; and dental imaging software Apparatus for the treatment of deafness, namely, hearing aids; appliances for washing body cavities, namely, douches; arterial blood pressure measuring apparatus; diagnostic audiometers; bed vibrators; blankets for medical purposes; blood pressure monitors; blood testing apparatus; body fat analyzers for medical use and monitors for medical purposes; contraceptive apparatus; dental apparatus, namely, dental endoscopes, dental hand-piece controls, dental lights, dental cuspidors, dental chairs and component parts therefor, dental cameras and dental radiographs; devices measuring blood sugar; diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes, namely, thermometers, heart rate monitors, pedometers, respiratory monitors, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and aneroids; electroencephalographs; electrocardiographs; electrodes for medical use; massage apparatus, namely, hydrotherapy capsules and tubes for medical therapy purposes, facial statements in the nature of saunas and pedicure spa units in the nature of electric foot spa massagers; hearing aids for the deaf; heart pacemakers; heart rate monitors; heating cushions for medical purposes; hematimeters for counting cells; hot air vibrators for medical purposes; hypothermia treatment systems, namely, thermal blankets; infrared radiation appliances, namely, radiation therapy machines and radiological medical diagnostic apparatus; inhalers for medical purposes; lasers for medical purposes; low frequency treatment apparatus, namely, low frequency magnetic field generators and low frequency pulsed current generators; massage apparatus, namely, automatic electric massagers and electric muscle and nerve stimulators; obstetric apparatus, namely, real-time ultrasound scanners; ophthalmoscopes; orthopedic articles, namely, artificial limbs; otoscopes; peak flow meters for medical use; phonocardiographs for recording heart and lung activity; physical exercise apparatus for medical purposes, namely, treadmills; radiation therapy machines; respirators for artificial respiration; soft laser apparatus for treatment of the skin, namely, medical lasers; sphygmomanometers for measuring blood pressure; spirometers for medical purposes; sprayers for medical purpose; steam therapeutic inhalers; stethoscopes; therapeutic instruments utilizing radioactive materials, namely, scentiscanners, pneumotachograms and galvanic skin reflexometers; thermoelectric therapeutic instruments, namely, thermoelectric heat pumps, thermoelectric coolers and modules and thermoelectric temperature controllers; thermometers for medical purposes; traction apparatus for medical purposes; ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus; urological apparatus and instruments, namely, lasers and optical devices for endoscopy; vaporizers that emit menthol for treatment of upper respiratory conditions; vibro massage apparatus, namely, mechanical vibrating massagers; and walking aids for medical purposes Anti-theft alarms for vehicles; anti-theft devices for vehicles; driving motors for land vehicles; engines for land vehicles; flashers for vehicles, namely, turn signal flashers; hydraulic circuits for vehicles; motors for land vehicles; remote control vehicles, namely, remote keyless entry systems composed of motor vehicle power locks, stolen vehicle tracking systems composed of motor vehicle alarm systems; torque converters for land vehicles; transmissions, for land vehicles Alarms, bells and buzzers installation and repair; anti-rust treatment for vehicles; billboard installation, maintenance and repair; boiler cleaning and repair; electric appliance installation and repair; electric motor apparatus and instrument installation, maintenance and repair; electric power supplying apparatus and instruments repair and maintenance; electronic appliances and equipment installation, and maintenance and repair; electronic communication machines and equipment installation, maintenance and repair; elevator installation and repair; film projector repair and maintenance; heat generating apparatus and instruments installation, maintenance and repair; heating equipment installation and repair; installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware; interference suppression in electrical apparatus; lift installation and repair; lighting apparatus and instrument installation, maintenance and repair; loading and unloading apparatus and equipment installation, and repair; locks installation, maintenance and repair; measuring apparatus and instrument installation, maintenance and repair; medical apparatus and instrument maintenance and repair; motor vehicle maintenance and repair; office machines and equipment installation, maintenance and repair; painting or repair of signs; photographic apparatus repair; physical and chemical apparatus and instrument installation, maintenance and repair; printing and binding apparatus and equipment installation, maintenance and repair; pump repair; rebuilding engines that have been worn or partially destroyed; rust proofing; safe maintenance and repair; sterilization of medical apparatus and instruments; telephone installation and repair; tire repair; vehicle lubrication; vehicle maintenance; vehicle polishing; vehicle repair; vehicle service stations; vehicle wash and cleaning; water filtering apparatus installation, maintenance and repair; repair or maintenance of consumer electric appliances Computer program design; computer programming; computer rental; computer software and hardware rental; computer software design; computer system design; computer systems analysis; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; creating and maintaining web sites for others; data conversion of computer programs and data; duplication of computer programs; engineering; hosting computer sites for others; industrial design; installation of computer software; maintenance for computer programs; maintenance of computer software; measuring calibration; mechanical research; providing temporary use of non-downloadable computer programs in the field of industrial automation; quality control for others; recovery of computer data; research and development in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, biomedical engineering and software engineering; technical research in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, biomedical engineering and software engineering; updating of computer software for others; arrangements of donation of human corpses for medical research