Registre Brevet OPIC
Numéro de document 02652218
Statut Délivré - en vigueur
Date de dépôt 2007-05-04
Date de disponibilité au public 2007-11-15
Date de publication 2007-11-15
Date d'octroi 2013-11-05
  • Klipstein, Donald L.
  • Brass, Jack
  • Whitfield, Robert Tod


An LED work light has multichip LEDs and a diffusing dome. Each LED may have separate electrical terminals for each chip. The LED work light may have convex lenses forward of each LED. Convex lenses may be hemispherical. Convex lenses may have a nonhemispheric curved surface whose cross section has at least one circular arc and no non-circular arcs. The LED work light has a battery or receives power from an external power source. The LED work light may have a transparent plastic tube as a structural member. A replaceable plastic cover may be added to protect any structural tube or other major transparent part of the LED work light from abrasions. The plastic cover may be tubular. The plastic cover may comprise laminations of plastic that can be removed individually after being abraded. Any external power source may be a wall transformer type and may have current limiting means. The LEDs may be attached to the rear surface of an LED PCB that is fastened to a heatsink in a manner achieving thermal contact between the rear surfaces of the LEDs and the heatsink. A position sensing switch may be used.

Classes IPC  ?

  • F21L 14/00 - Electric lighting devices without a self-contained power source, e.g. for mains connection
  • F21V 29/70 - Cooling arrangements characterised by passive heat-dissipating elements, e.g. heat-sinks
  • F21K 9/00 - Light sources using semiconductor devices as light-generating elements, e.g. using light-emitting diodes [LED] or lasers
  • F21K 9/69 - Optical arrangements integrated in the light source, e.g. for improving the colour rendering index or the light extraction - Details of refractors forming part of the light source
  • F21L 14/02 - Electric lighting devices without a self-contained power source, e.g. for mains connection capable of hand-held use, e.g. inspection lamps
  • F21V 15/00 - Protecting lighting devices from damage
  • F21V 21/08 - Devices for easy attachment to a desired place
  • F21V 21/096 - Magnetic devices
  • H01L 23/36 - Selection of materials, or shaping, to facilitate cooling or heating, e.g. heat sinks
  • F21V 3/06 - Globes; Bowls; Cover glasses characterised by materials, surface treatments or coatings characterised by the material
  • F21V 5/04 - Refractors for light sources of lens shape
  • F21V 23/04 - Arrangement of electric circuit elements in or on lighting devices the elements being switches