Beretta U.S.A. Corp.

United States of America

Total IP 25
Total IP Rank # 56,600
IP Activity Score 0/5.0    0
IP Activity Rank # 1,605,997
Parent Entity Fabbrica D'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A.
Dominant Nice Class Firearms; explosives



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Last Patent 2016 - Automatic adjustable buttstock f...
First Patent 1989 - Knife
Last Trademark 2017 - G GUNPOD2
First Trademark 2002 - STAMPEDE

Industry (Nice Classification)

Latest Inventions, Goods, Services

2017 G/S Computer application software for mobile phones, namely, software for linking hunters to their we...
2015 Invention Automatic adjustable buttstock for small arms. An automatic adjustable buttstock system for a sma...
Invention Adjustable free-float forend/handguard mounting assembly. An adjustable free-float forend/handgua...
Invention Gas operating system for small arms with spring loaded gas valve. A gas operating system for enga...
2014 G/S Shotguns
2013 G/S Firearms, namely, long guns
2012 G/S Membership club services, namely, providing consumer product information to members via product c...
G/S Firearms, namely, long guns, handguns, automatic weapons, semi-automatic weapons
2011 G/S Firearms
2010 G/S Firearms, namely, pistols
Invention De-cocking mechanism for striker-fired semi-automatic pistols. A cocking/de-cocking mechanism for...
Invention Gun sight mount for pistols. An improved dove tail sight attachment system utilizing a displaceab...
2002 G/S GUNS
1989 Invention Knife blade
Invention Knife with folding gutting hook
Invention Knife