Insights International Holdings LLC, DBA NanTrak Industries

États‑Unis d’Amérique

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Rang # Quantité totale PI 202 488
Note d'activité PI 1,5/5.0    6
Rang # Activité PI 158 792
Classe Nice dominante Appareils et instruments scienti...



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Dernier brevet 2021 - Ordnance ballistics deployment s...
Premier brevet 2013 - Electronic tracking system
Dernière marque 2022 - RAKBAK
Première marque 2013 - TANGOTRAK

Industrie (Classification de Nice)

Derniers inventions, produits et services

2022 P/S Electronic devices for locating and tracking game using any form of wireless communication
2020 Invention Ordnance ballistics deployment system. An electronics ordnance delivery system that has an electr...
2019 Invention Tracked synthetic ordnance. An electronically tracked ordnance having a positioning component, a ...
2017 Invention Electronic tracking system. An electronic tracking system for obtaining geographic or other infor...
2013 P/S Electronic devices for locating and tracking targets such as persons, vehicles, planes and boats ...