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Dernier brevet 2016 - All season safety tire
Premier brevet 2000 - Use of protein conformation for ...
Dernière marque 2015 - MARINE NANOPROTECH
Première marque 2015 - MARINE NANOPROTECH

Industrie (Classification de Nice)

Derniers inventions, produits et services

2016 Invention All season safety tire. A vehicle tire includes a selectively actuated stud deployment system for...
Invention All-weather tire. In one representative embodiment, a tire comprises an inner shell having a holl...
2015 P/S Coatings in the nature of Marine Anti-corrosion protection
2013 Invention All-weather tire. An all-weather tire includes features that enhance safety and usability in a va...
2011 Invention Firearm based breaching tool. A firearm based breeching tool uses the expansion gases of a blank ...
2009 Invention Improvements in polypeptide synthesis for drug delivery. The present invention provides improved ...
2000 Invention Use of protein conformation for the protection and release of chemical compounds. Disclosed are m...