Industria Militar - Indumil


Quantité totale PI 8
Rang # Quantité totale PI 175 953
Note d'activité PI 1,4/5.0    5
Rang # Activité PI 198 440
Classe Nice dominante Armes à feu; explosifs



0 2
0 0
6 0
Dernier brevet 2020 - Conversion kit for assault rifle...
Premier brevet 2012 - Grenade launcher, related mechan...
Dernière marque 2018 - INDUMIL
Première marque 2018 - INDUMIL

Industrie (Classification de Nice)

Derniers inventions, produits et services

2019 Invention Conversion kit for assault rifles - folding stock assembly for weapons. The present invention rel...
2018 P/S Firearms; Munitions; Ammunition for firearms
P/S 9mm semi-automatic firearm of double action standard size
2017 Invention Electromechanical fuze for an aerial bomb with arming delay selection and pre-launch safety devic...
2012 Invention Grenade launcher, related mechanisms, accessories for use in individual mode and systems for atta...
Invention Double-action semi-automatic 9-mm-calibre handgun. The invention comprises, in a single weapon, f...
Invention Automatic case-extraction and -expulsion system using a ratchet, for a 12-, 16- and 20-caliber si...
Invention 12-caliber 8-shot long gun for hunting cartridges number 7, 7 ½, 8 and 9, having a cylinder chok...