Registre Marque USPTO
Numéro de série 86144840
Statut Enregistrée
Date de dépôt 2013-12-16
Date de publication 2015-04-14
Date d'enregistrement 2015-12-01
Propriétaire OMRON Corporation (Japon)
Classes de Nice  ?
  • 07 - Machines et machines-outils
  • 09 - Appareils et instruments scientifiques et électriques
  • 10 - Appareils et instruments médicaux
  • 11 - Appareils de contrôle de l'environnement
  • 21 - Ustensiles, récipients, matériaux pour le ménage; verre; porcelaine; faience

Produits et services

Electric door openers and closers; self-regulating fuel pumps for service stations; power generators, namely, electric power generators for indoor use, electric power generators for emergency use, and mobile electric power generators; electrostatic eliminators; electrostatic eliminators by generating ion; cleaning apparatus for dust collection in buildings, namely, central vacuum cleaning installations, dust removing installations for cleaning purposes, and dust separators; compressors for machines and their parts; blowing machines, namely, power-operated blowers, centrifugal blowers for industrial purposes, rotary blowers for industrial purposes, air suction machines, and power-operated blowers for evacuating smoke fog; automated machines for the disposal of cigar and cigarette ash and waste; power-operated blowers for separating smoking areas installed in game arcades, including pachinko parlors; printing or bookbinding machines for industrial purposes; starters for motors and engines; AC motors and DC motors, and their parts, not including those for land vehicles; alternators; DC generators; machines for manufacturing printed circuit boards; machines for manufacturing and processing electronic printed circuit boards, namely, placing machines for mounting electrical components on printed circuit boards; machines which automatically mount semiconductors, diodes, condensers, resistors and other electronic parts on printed circuit boards; machines which automatically mount IC (integrated circuit) chips and other electronic parts on printed circuit boards; transmissions for machines Encoders; power controllers; regulating apparatus for electric current; remote control apparatus, namely, remote keyless entry fobs and sensors, and audio-visual component hand-held remote controls; electrical control panels; light regulators; measuring devices, namely, tachometers, accumulators for hours, and calorimeters; electronic data loggers; electric switches; switches for industrial purposes, namely, photo electric switches, basic switches, detection switches, door switches, power switches, limit switches, safety switches, tactile switches, rocker switches, pushbutton switches, toggle switches, slide switches, DIP (dual in-line package) electric switches, thumbwheel switches, light switches, ultrasonic switches, micro switches, and RF (radio frequency) microwave switches; intercommunication apparatus, namely, wireless intercoms, cell phones, headsets and microphones; thermometers not for medical purposes; electric apparatus for communication, namely, signal transmitters, signal receivers, signal encoders and signal decoders; electric relays; diagnostic apparatus not for medical purposes, namely, in-line connectors, diagnostic sub-D connectors, and diagnostic meters for identifying network power, data errors, excessive bandwidth consumption and circuit problems; detectors, namely, detectors for electrical power outage, detectors for electric current, motion detectors for detecting human movement and water leak detectors; sensing apparatus, namely, photomicrosensors, MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) mechanical sensors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, thermal sensors, photovoltaic sensors, vision sensors not for medical use, proximity sensors, vibrational sensors, inclination sensors, liquid leakage sensors, displacement sensors, length measuring sensors, ultrasonic wave sensors, sensors for measuring incidence of light from outside of car, image sensors not for medical use, fiber sensors not for medical use, and temperature sensors; optical fibers; parking meters; testing apparatus not for medical use, namely, testing apparatus for PCB (printed circuit boards) and sheet, and testing apparatus using x-ray CT (computed tomography) for PCB (printed circuit boards); television apparatus, namely, television sets; point of sales terminal and peripheral equipments, namely, cash drawers, column receipt printers, barcode scanners, printer cables, and printer ribbons, all sold as a unit; electrical terminals, namely, computer terminals, link terminals, programmable terminals, and safety I/O (input output) terminals; power supplies; optical communication devices, namely, optical transceivers, and optical transponders; optical sensors; transmitters of electronic signals; automatic telegraph apparatus; high frequency apparatus, namely, high frequency signal transmission cables, high frequency signal generators, electrical transformers, high frequency signal connectors, and high-frequency electric relays; frequency meters; amplifiers; time recording apparatus; transmitting sets for telecommunication, namely, telecommunication transmitters; capacitors; electric resistances; electronic indicators, namely, digital displays and panel meters; radiotelegraphy sets; radiotelephony sets; blinkers, namely, automobile indicator lights; electrical inverters; reader writer, namely, apparatus for reading and writing data used in radio frequency identification (RFID) repeating exchange machines; rotary converters; chargers for batteries; electric transformers; semiconductors; IC (integrated circuit) chips, namely, tags for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID); thermostats; abacuses; meters, namely, digital panel meters, namely, an electronic instrument that displays an input signal in either a digital or analog form; sound locating apparatus, namely, sound wave sensors, and sound and vibration diagnosis computer software; sound wave sensors; sound and vibration diagnosis computer software; sound reproduction apparatus; sound transmitting apparatus; microphones; electric connectors; lasers, not for medical purposes; radar apparatus; fiber optic cables; electric conductors; photography enlarging apparatus, namely, photograph processing enlargers; sockets, plugs and other contacts, namely, electric connections; sonars; counters, namely, industrial automation controls; electronic components in the nature of control components, namely, counters, preset counters, totalizing counters, time counters, and electromagnetic counters; optical flex circuits, namely, fiber optic circuitry; electric locks; electronic locks; electromagnetic solenoids in the nature of valves; apparatus for processing of images; light guide plates, namely, backlight unit (BLU) for use with televisions, personal computers, tablets, mobile phones, and digital cameras; light emitting diodes (LEDs); antennas; CCD (charge-coupled device) cameras; computer for traffic information processing; distance recording apparatus; distance measuring apparatus; automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicles tires; speed checking apparatus for vehicles; mileage recorders; electronic keys for vehicles; blank smart cards; blank integrated circuit cards; sirens; electric buzzers; alarms, namely, fire alarms and gas alarms; electric theft prevention installations; bells, namely, warning devices; electric monitoring apparatus, namely, tire pressure monitoring systems composed of tire pressure gauges and measurers for automobiles, standstill monitoring units, speed monitoring units, and temperature monitoring units; speed measuring apparatus for photography; phototelegraphy apparatus; electronic apparatus, namely, train ticket dispensers; downloadable electronic publications, namely, magazines, articles, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, handbooks, booklets, instruction manuals, reports and pictures in the fields of industrial automation, health care, electronic components, automotive electronics, and social systems recorded on computer media; telephone receivers; telephone apparatus; luminous signs; radios; punch card machines for offices in the nature of punch clocks; sound recording apparatus; electronic face authentication apparatus; ultrasonic object detectors for use on vehicles; weighing machines; measuring apparatus for the amount of calorie consumption; physical activity measuring apparatus, namely, pedometers; electronic apparatus, namely, devices for recording and analyzing sleep patterns, not for medical purposes; computer software, namely, programmable logic controller (PLC) programming software, health management software, computer software for use in industrial automation, downloadable computer software for saving and management of data, downloadable computer software for capturing, organizing, searching, storing, synchronizing, recognizing, sharing and transmitting any number of typed, handwritten, or imaged notes or clippings on multiple computer and network platforms, downloadable computer software for optical character reading, computer software for language translation, and computer software for measuring, monitoring and analyzing energy expenditure; computers; computer hardware; computer programs, namely, computer operating programs, and computer programs for digital image processing; central processing units (CPU); computer peripheral devices; data processing apparatus; magnetic encoded cards, namely, credit cards; data medias, namely, blank optical discs, blank memory cards, blank magnetic tapes, blank magnetic discs, and blank compact discs; uninterruptible electrical power supply; alternating-current power supply; voltage stabilized power supply; energy expenditure measuring, monitoring and analyzing apparatus, namely, electric control devices for energy management; electric power consumption measuring, monitoring and analyzing apparatus; remote monitoring and maintenance apparatus for solar power generating apparatus in the nature of computer hardware, solar power monitoring software, data processing apparatus, and warning devices; power line conditioners; solar batteries; solar power generating devices, namely, solar cells, photovoltaic solar modules for production of electricity, solar batteries, solar panels for production of electricity, wattmeters, electricity distribution boards, power conditioners and electricity junction boxes; coin counting or sorting machines, namely, coin carrier devices for pachinko machines; money counting and sorting machines, namely, paper money carrier devices for pachinko machines; ionization apparatus not for the treatment of air or water; ionization apparatus with electrostatic elimination function not for the treatment of air or water; air particle sensors; electrostatic sensors; programmable logic controller (PLC) Analytical apparatus for medical purposes; arterial blood pressure measuring apparatus; cuffs for blood pressure monitors; blood testing apparatus; body fat analyzers and monitors; diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes, namely, X-ray diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonograph; electrocardiographs; electrodes for medical use; hearing aids for the deaf; inhalers for medical use; nebulizers for respiration therapy; low frequency electronic treatment apparatus; electrotherapy devices for providing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation; massage apparatus and instruments; thermoelectric therapeutic instruments, namely, thermotherapy apparatus for medical purposes; thermometers for medical purposes; body-fat composition monitors; fever thermometers; anesthesia monitoring apparatus; pulse wave monitors; patient medical monitors for critical care, namely, expired-gas monitors; medical apparatus and instruments for monitoring respiratory events, namely, respirometers; medical devices, namely, pulse oximeters; vital signs monitors; medical devices for performing vascular testing; sensors for monitoring blood glucose level as part of blood glucose meters; heart rate monitors; pulse rate monitors; peak flow meters, namely, medical devices for measuring peak expiratory flow; stethoscopes; oxygen inhalers for medical purposes sold empty; medical apparatus and instruments, namely, remote data collecting apparatus and instruments for use in sleeping disorder analysis; medical apparatus and instruments for diabetes monitoring; blood glucose meters; lancing devices, namely, lancets for medical purposes; medical sleep analyzers, namely, a device for recording disturbances while asleep and analyzing one's sleep patterns, for monitoring sleep conditions, and/or for measuring sleeping time by measuring movement of one's chest, change of position and snore; blood glucose sensors; apparatus for drawing or sampling blood for purposes of diabetes monitoring; blood glucose monitoring systems including blood glucose meters and test strips sold together as a unit; dental instruments, namely, oral cleaning apparatus, namely, oral irrigators; infrared radiation therapeutic apparatus; defibrillators Light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting apparatus, namely, light fixtures, and lighting installations; electric lamps; steam boilers, other than parts of machines; electric boilers, other than parts of machines; air-conditioning apparatus; air purifying apparatus and machines; industrial air purifiers; ionization apparatus for the treatment of air or water; fans, namely, parts of air-conditioning installations; air cleaning units; air cleaning filters, namely, parts of air cleaning machines or installations for industrial installations; air filtering installations; industrial air filter machines; apparatus for collecting dust from the air, namely, air filters for industrial installations, apparatus for extracting dust for ventilation, and ventilators for industrial use; flares Electric toothbrushes; toothbrushes; replacement of brushheads for electrical toothbrushes