Registre Marque USPTO
Numéro de série 79298323
Statut En instance
Date de dépôt 2020-08-27
Date de publication 2021-04-27
Propriétaire Nintendo of America Inc. (USA)
Classes de Nice  ?
  • 09 - Appareils et instruments scientifiques et électriques
  • 28 - Jeux, jouets, articles de sport
  • 41 - Éducation, divertissements, activités sportives et culturelles

Produits et services

Recorded electronic game programs; downloadable electronic game programs; recorded video game programs; downloadable video game programs; video game cartridges; memory cards for video game machines; protective films adapted for smartphones; covers for smartphones; cases for smartphones; recorded computer game software; downloadable computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones; downloadable image files containing artwork, text, audio, videos relating to video games and trading card games; downloadable music files; downloadable electronic publications, namely, downloadable e-books in the field of fiction stories, booklets and manuals in the field of video games and trading card games; batteries; headphones; earphones Games, namely, card games, promotional game cards, puzzles, trading card games; toys, namely, toy balls, toy key chains, toy figures, water toys, plush toys, inflatable toys, party favors in the nature of small toys, toy balloons, toy building blocks; stuffed toys; dolls; portable games with liquid crystal displays; handheld units for playing video games; protective films adapted for screens for portable games; video game machines; controllers for game consoles; arcade video game machines; trading cards for games; cases for trading cards for games; board games; playing cards; ornaments for Christmas trees, except lights, candles and confectionery; protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video games Entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable images featuring images of characters and scenes from an electronic game and trading card games via a global computer network and wireless networks; entertainment services, namely, providing temporary use of non-downloadable video games; providing information in the field of entertainment; providing online electronic games; organization of electronic game and trading card game events and competitions; providing non-downloadable electronic publications in the nature of magazine and e-books in the field of fiction stories, video games and trading cards; providing non-downloadable videos featuring video games and trading card games; providing online music, not downloadable; providing amusement arcade services