Registre Marque EUIPO
Numéro d'application 006922504
Statut Enregistrée
Date de dépôt 2008-05-20
Date d'enregistrement 2010-03-30
Classes de Nice  ?
  • 35 - Publicité; Affaires commerciales
  • 36 - Services financiers, assurances et affaires immobilières
  • 42 - Services scientifiques, technologiques et industriels, recherche et conception
  • 45 - Services juridiques; services de sécurité; services personnels pour individus

Produits et services

Retail bookstore services and retail variety store services for universities. Insurance underwriting and financial services; monetary affairs; real estate affairs; land and real estate acquisition, real estate management, real estate leasing, financing of loans; real estate management; rental of real estate; financing of loans; providing information about endowments and investments; providing fiscal assessments; financial portfolio management, trust management, cash management; providing educational scholarships; fiscal valuations; financial portfolio management, trust management, money management; providing educational grants. Computer security; designs and development of plans in the field of architecture and plans in the field of engineering. Legal services; security services in relation to property and individuals; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals; analysis and consultation pertaining to job site safety; analysis of data, policy and process, and provision of business management advice and assistance to ensure compliance with public sector procurement laws and regulations; arbitration; assignment of membership identification numbers to affix to valuables to facilitate their recovery following loss or theft; authentication, issuance and validation of digital certificates; background investigation and research services; services of bodyguards; case management services, namely, the coordination of necessary medical services, vocational issues and educational services for persons injured at work; escorting; charitable outreach services, namely, providing counseling services in the field of religion; guards; concierge services for others consisting of providing personalised arrangements on request and reservations on request and providing customer-specific information to meet the needs of different individuals in an apartment complex, at a business conference or at a university; conducting religious prayer services; control of building environmental access and security systems; copyright management; identification verification services, namely, providing authentication of personal identification information via secure storage and transmitting such information via the Internet; identification and verification services, namely the confirmation of personal identity information; licensing of computer software; police and civil protection services; pre-employment background screening; providing an interactive web site that facilitates the verification of a person's background credentials; providing spiritual rehabilitation services; providing of spiritual rehabilitation services; providing of services in the field of legitimation of users in ecommerce transactions; public document filing services; services in the field of the archiving of public documents.