Registre Marque EUIPO
Numéro d'application 005982831
Statut Enregistrée
Date de dépôt 2007-06-08
Date d'enregistrement 2008-08-13
Classes de Nice  ?
  • 16 - Papier, carton et produits en ces matières
  • 35 - Publicité; Affaires commerciales
  • 41 - Éducation, divertissements, activités sportives et culturelles
  • 42 - Services scientifiques, technologiques et industriels, recherche et conception

Produits et services

Printed matter namely books, textbooks, directories, catalogues, manuals, diaries, date books, year books, information bulletins, journals, magazines, reports, newspapers, all in printed and electronic format; decals, stickers, memo boards, bulletin boards, desk pads, office supplies, identification tags, stationery, memo pads, notebooks, binders, book covers, albums, appointment books, time management books; pens, pencils, desk accessories, letter openers, paperweights, book ends, posters, flags, banners and pennants made of paper; paper sheets, sacks and bags for wrapping. Business services; management of universities and university facilities; database management; assistance, advisory services and consultancy with regard to establishing universities, administration of universities, and development of new universities and educational institutions; charitable services; office functions; retail bookstore services and retail variety store services for universities. Educational and entertainment services; providing instruction and training at the undergraduate, graduate, post graduate, and professional levels, tutorial services, and distribution of educational materials in connection therewith; arranging and conducting of educational conferences, seminars, work shops; congresses; religious education; arranging academic contests, sports contests, festivals, celebrations, lectures, concerts, exhibitions, cultural activities; providing web sites featuring information and links to other web sites regarding university admissions, academic programs; library services; on line library services. Providing web sites featuring information and links to other web sites regarding research programs; scientific and technological services and research and design; industrial analysis and research services; engineering services for building and property condition assessment, facility management, repair and restoration; building monitoring and environment consulting; integration, design and maintenance of a computer system; research services; scientific and technological services and research; industrial analyses and research services.