Registre Marque OPIC
Numéro d'application 202379900
Statut Enregistrée
Date de dépôt 2020-04-22
Date de publication 2022-10-12
Date d'enregistrement 2023-01-04
Classes de Nice  ? 09 - Appareils et instruments scientifiques et électriques

Produits et services

(1) Tablet computers; Operating system software for smartphones; Downloadable mobile software applications for use with smartphones, namely software for increasing the charging speed of smartphones, charging the wireless mobile devices for others through built-in controllers, reducing the information processing delay to make the operation of smartphones smoother, identifying the language in the photos and providing language translation services for users, intelligently combining videos and making Vlog for users, identifying the language in the Vlog and subtitling for the Vlog; Computer scanners; Biometric scanners; Facsimile machines; Car navigation computers; Smartphones; Cases for smartphones; Protective films adapted for smartphones; Covers for smartphones; Cell phone straps; Keyboards for smartphones; Earphones; Wireless speakers; Speakers, using a short-range radio technology that allows data multi-point or point-to-point connections between a wide range of mobile and stationary devices; Wireless headsets; Camcorders; Cameras [photography]; Selfie sticks [hand-held monopods]; USB cables; Touch screens; Batteries for cell phones; Battery chargers for cell phones; Rechargeable batteries for smart phones.