Registre Marque OPIC
Numéro d'application 087540600
Statut Enregistrée
Date de dépôt 1998-04-17
Date de publication 1999-08-04
Date d'enregistrement 2003-11-07
Propriétaire The Boeing Company (USA)
Classes de Nice  ?
  • 08 - Outils et instruments à main
  • 09 - Appareils et instruments scientifiques et électriques
  • 11 - Appareils de contrôle de l'environnement
  • 12 - Véhicules; appareils de locomotion par terre, par air ou par eau; parties de véhicules
  • 14 - Métaux précieux et leurs alliages; bijouterie; horlogerie
  • 16 - Papier, carton et produits en ces matières
  • 18 - Cuir et imitations du cuir
  • 20 - Meubles et produits décoratifs
  • 21 - Ustensiles, récipients, matériaux pour le ménage; verre; porcelaine; faience
  • 24 - Tissus et produits textiles
  • 25 - Vêtements; chaussures; chapellerie
  • 26 - Articles de fantaisie; mercerie; fleurs artificielles, cheveux postiches
  • 28 - Jeux, jouets, articles de sport
  • 35 - Publicité; Affaires commerciales
  • 36 - Services financiers, assurances et affaires immobilières
  • 37 - Services de construction; extraction minière; installation et réparation
  • 39 - Services de transport, emballage et entreposage; organisation de voyages
  • 40 - Traitement de matériaux; recyclage, purification de l'air et traitement de l'eau
  • 41 - Éducation, divertissements, activités sportives et culturelles
  • 42 - Services scientifiques, technologiques et industriels, recherche et conception

Produits et services

(1) Money clips and key holders. (2) Pocket knives, Swiss army knives; manicure sets; folding hand tools, namely, pliers, knives, awls, screwdrivers, files, can openers, scissors, and wire cutters; tool kits comprised of hand tools, namely, screwdrivers, hammers, files, hack saws, planers, scrapers, crimping irons not for use with hair, pliers, thermal insulated containers for food and beverages. (3) Video and audio recordings, computer software, computer programs and instructional material, namely, books, manuals, guides, forms, illustrations, technical data packages and CD-Roms sold therewith as a unit, all featuring information about aircraft, aircraft parts, aviation, avionics, aerospace products or maintenance, operation, repair or training associated with aircraft and/or aerospace products, parts, or support equipment; sunglasses; software in the nature of computer screen savers; audio cassette recorders; radios and radios incorporating clocks; computer mouse pads; interactive video aircraft simulators and software therefore; flashlights; folding tool kits. (4) Aircraft, structural parts and manuals therefore. (5) Watches; clocks; jewelry, namely, bracelets, lapel pins; tie tacks. (6) Printed matter, namely, books, manuals, guides, forms, illustrations and technical data packages relating to aircraft, aircraft parts, avionics or maintenance, operation, repair or training associated with aircraft or aerospace products or support equipment; newspapers in the field of aviation; calendars; colouring books; pens; pencils; pen and pencil sets; stickers; posters; postcards; photographs; badge holders. (7) Fanny packs, briefcases, tote bags, travel bags, luggage tags, briefcase-type portfolios, key cases, wallets, business card cases, luggage, backpacks, toiletry bags, sports bags, gym bags, duffel bags, attache cases, roller bags, utility bags, cooler bags and umbrellas. (8) Portable beverage and food coolers; plastic sports bottles sold empty; mugs; pneumatic corkscrews; travel mugs; folding hand tools, namely, water bottles. (9) Towels. (10) Shorts, caps, shirts, T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, polo shirts, rugby shirts, dresses, overalls, sweaters, tank-tops, vests and rompers. (11) Embroidered ornamental patches to be worn on clothing. (12) Golf clubs; golf bags; golf balls; golf tees; stuffed toy animals, toy and model airplanes, domino sets, dart sets, stress balls. (1) Management and consultation in the field of aviation, aerospace, communications, and travel; promoting services of airlines through the distribution of printed, audio and visual promotional materials and by rendering sales promotion advice; technical assistance in the establishment and/or operation of aviation maintenance, repair, and training facilities; exhibition in the field of aviation and aerospace; conducting employee incentive award programs to promote on-the-job quality and productivity; promoting sports competitions and/or events of others; retail shops featuring gift and travel items; retail store services, available through computer communications, featuring gift and travel items; and mail order catalogue services featuring gift and travel items. (2) Real Estate Management services. (3) Repair and maintenance of aircraft and aircraft parts. (4) Travel and transportation services, namely, making reservations and bookings for the transportation of others and making reservations and bookings for temporary lodging. (5) Educational services in the nature of training, conferences and preparation of educational materials in the areas of design, certification, operation, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and manufacture of aircraft and aircraft parts, and distribution of spare parts for aircraft. (6) Technical consultation and research, writing, design, and testing of new products for others; computer services, namely, providing on-line books, manuals, magazines, guides, forms, illustrations and technical data packages in the field of aircraft; aircraft parts, avionics, and maintenance, operation, repair, and training associated with aircraft and aerospace products, parts and support equipment; technical consultation and assistance related to the design, manufacture, certification, operation, maintenance, repair, overhaul, or modification of aircraft and aircraft parts.