Registre Brevet WIPO
Numéro d'application US2018052237
Numéro de publication 2019/060738
Statut Délivré - en vigueur
Date de dépôt 2018-09-21
Date de publication 2019-03-28
  • Vlugt, Erik
  • Reymann, Steffen
  • Kayhani, Niosha


Systems and methods of using data encryption to validate a biometric token within a transit system. One method includes sending, by a transit server, an encryption key to each of a biometric capture device and a portable electronic device. The method also includes capturing, by the biometric capture device, a biometric identifier of a transit user. The method further includes encrypting the captured biometric identifier using the encryption key, broadcasting a wireless signal containing the encrypted captured biometric identifier, and receiving a validation result indicating that the captured biometric identifier was matched to a registered biometric identifier by the portable electronic device. The method further include granting the transit user access to a restricted access area of the transit system based on the validation result.

Classes IPC  ?

  • G06F 21/32 - User authentication using biometric data, e.g. fingerprints, iris scans or voiceprints
  • G07B 15/04 - Arrangements or apparatus for collecting fares, tolls or entrance fees at one or more control points taking into account a variable factor such as distance or time, e.g. for passenger transport, parking systems or car rental systems comprising devices to free a barrier, turnstile or the like
  • H04L 29/06 - Communication control; Communication processing characterised by a protocol
  • H04W 12/02 - Protecting privacy or anonymity
  • H04W 12/08 - Access security