Registre Brevet WIPO
Numéro d'application US2016038039
Numéro de publication 2016/205617
Statut Délivré - en vigueur
Date de dépôt 2016-06-17
Date de publication 2016-12-22
Inventeur(s) Busch-Sorensen, Thomas


Systems and methods for RFID fare collection for improving passenger throughput and security in transit systems. RFID tags identify passengers at a distance and allow a hands-free experience for transit users. The system includes gate cabinets and/or other entry points that define a passageway and separate a non-restricted access area from a restricted access area, at least one RFID transmitter positioned on the entry points, at least one RFID receiver positioned on the entry points, and a processor coupled with the RFID receiver. The system detects the presence of the RFID tag within the passageway and detects information linking to the account balance of the user. The system determines whether transit users are entering or exiting the restricted access area based on analysis of the wireless signals received by the RFID receivers, and provides an alarm signal when a transit user is not permitted to access the restricted access area.

Classes IPC  ?

  • G07B 15/02 - Arrangements or apparatus for collecting fares, tolls or entrance fees at one or more control points taking into account a variable factor such as distance or time, e.g. for passenger transport, parking systems or car rental systems
  • G07C 9/00 - Individual registration on entry or exit