Registre Brevet WIPO
Numéro d'application PL2015000066
Numéro de publication 2016/159797
Statut Délivré - en vigueur
Date de dépôt 2015-04-04
Date de publication 2016-10-06
Propriétaire WEB ENGINES PIOTR SZELIGA (Pologne)
Inventeur(s) Szeliga, Piotr


Video emission device for advertising in a store, which uses wireless communication Wi-Fi. The device consists of a base (9), with an SD Memory Card (4), a Wi-Fi card (5), a USB 2.0 (3), an AC (1), batteries (2), stereo speakers (6), an electronic scale (8), a PCB (10), a display (LED 7-10 ") (11), with a transparent protective layer. The base (9) has the outline of a rectangular prism, and on one of the longer sides is a recess, with a contour segment of a cylinder, wherein the upper side of the base is made of a transparent material, in which the LED display (11) is elastically mounted, on another side are located two holes (15) for the speakers (6), in the opposing side of the latter are located an adaptor socket (16), an SD card receiver (17) and a USB connection cable (18), on the lower side a flap for AA batteries is located.

Classes IPC  ?

  • G09F 23/04 - Advertising on or in specific articles, e.g. ashtrays, letter-boxes the advertising matter being displayed by the operation of the article illuminated
  • G09F 27/00 - Combined visual and audible advertising or displaying, e.g. for public address
  • G07D 9/02 - Change trays
  • G01G 19/414 - Weighing apparatus or methods adapted for special purposes not provided for in groups with provisions for indicating, recording, or computing price or other quantities dependent on the weight using electromechanical or electronic computing means using electronic computing means only
  • G09F 23/06 - Advertising on or in specific articles, e.g. ashtrays, letter-boxes the advertising matter being combined with articles for restaurants, shops, or offices
  • G09F 9/33 - Indicating arrangements for variable information in which the information is built-up on a support by selection or combination of individual elements in which the desired character or characters are formed by combining individual elements being semiconductor devices, e.g. diodes