Registre Brevet WIPO
Numéro d'application JP2020009718
Numéro de publication 2021/019818
Statut Délivré - en vigueur
Date de dépôt 2020-03-06
Date de publication 2021-02-04
Propriétaire OMRON CORPORATION (Japon)
Inventeur(s) Shigemori, Yutsuka


In the present invention, a support device acquires: trajectory information in which the position, of a machine tool, corresponding to a command value generated by execution of an NC program is associated with time information that indicates a control time at which the command value has been used; and variable history information in which a variable value updated by execution of a sequence program is associated with time information indicating an update time. The support device selects a target period in the program execution period, displays, in a display device, a part corresponding to the target period in a trajectory indicated by the trajectory information, and displays, in the display device, the variable value in the target period on the basis of the variable history information.

Classes IPC  ?

  • G05B 19/05 - Programmable logic controllers, e.g. simulating logic interconnections of signals according to ladder diagrams or function charts
  • G05B 19/4069 - Simulating machining process on screen
  • G05B 19/4155 - Numerical control (NC), i.e. automatically operating machines, in particular machine tools, e.g. in a manufacturing environment, so as to execute positioning, movement or co-ordinated operations by means of programme data in numerical form characterised by programme execution, i.e. part programme or machine function execution, e.g. selection of a programme