Registre Brevet WIPO
Numéro d'application JP2019049262
Numéro de publication 2021/124424
Statut Délivré - en vigueur
Date de dépôt 2019-12-17
Date de publication 2021-06-24
  • Yanagase Yuuichi
  • Chikano Masatsugu
  • Iijima Ryota
  • Oyamada Tomonaga


This scroll compressor is provided with a sealed container, a frame, a fixed scroll, a turning scroll, and a crank shaft. Further provided are: a turning shaft disposed on the anti-wrap side of the turning scroll; a main shaft section disposed on the crank shaft; an eccentric hole into which the turning shaft is inserted; a turning shaft bearing disposed between the turning shaft and the eccentric hole; a main shaft bearing disposed between the main shaft section of the crank shaft and the frame, at roughly the same axial position as the turning shaft bearing; a main shaft section upper-end oil supply path formed between an upper-end surface of the main shaft section and a back surface of the turning scroll; a seal member disposed between the frame and an end-plate back surface of the turning scroll, more toward the outer periphery side than the main shaft bearing; a crank shaft oil supply path, formed in the crank shaft and communicating with a base section of the eccentric hole; and an oil reservoir section. Lubricating oil in the oil reservoir section is supplied to the eccentric hole via the crank shaft oil supply path, and after nearly all oil that has lubricated the turning shaft bearing has passed through the main shaft section upper-end oil supply path, the oil flows in one direction downward from an upper-end section of the main shaft bearing.

Classes IPC  ?

  • F04C 18/02 - Rotary-piston pumps specially adapted for elastic fluids of arcuate-engagement type, i.e. with circular translatory movement of co-operating members, each member having the same number of teeth or tooth-equivalents
  • F04C 29/02 - Lubrication; Lubricant separation