Registre Brevet WIPO
Numéro d'application JP2019017899
Numéro de publication 2020/217447
Statut Délivré - en vigueur
Date de dépôt 2019-04-26
Date de publication 2020-10-29
Inventeur(s) Xue Jun


An air conditioner provided with: a housing; an indoor heat exchanger installed inside the housing; a blower for blowing indoor air onto the indoor heat exchanger; and a machine chamber for accommodating an expansion valve, a refrigerant distributor, and piping by which these are connected. The machine chamber is separated by means of a partition plate from the space in which the blower is arranged, and an air introduction passage for introducing a portion of the air discharged from the blower to the machine chamber partitioned by the partition plate is provided around the partition plate. Thus, the leakage of noise generated in the machine chamber of an indoor unit into a room can be suppressed, enabling a reduction in noise, and condensation on the outer surface of the housing of the indoor unit can be suppressed.

Classes IPC  ?

  • F24F 1/0067 - Indoor units, e.g. fan coil units characterised by heat exchangers by the shape of the heat exchangers or of parts thereof, e.g. of their fins
  • F24F 13/20 - Casings or covers
  • F24F 13/24 - Means for preventing or suppressing noise