Registre Brevet USPTO
Numéro d'application 17387673
Statut En instance
Date de dépôt 2021-07-28
Date de la première publication 2023-02-02
Date de publication 2023-02-02
Propriétaire Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. (USA)
Inventeur(s) Ramdas, Tirath


In an example implementation according to aspects of the present disclosure, a system, method, and storage medium. The system receives a request to enroll a third-party software package. The system creates an entry in an exclusion registry. The system may retrieve a system-level exclusion policy and compare it against the registered exclusion. Responsive to the comparing, the system may omit the third-party software from an endpoint protection control.

Classes IPC  ?

  • H04L 29/06 - Communication control; Communication processing characterised by a protocol
  • G06F 21/57 - Certifying or maintaining trusted computer platforms, e.g. secure boots or power-downs, version controls, system software checks, secure updates or assessing vulnerabilities