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Numéro d'application 17380296
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Date de dépôt 2021-07-20
Date de la première publication 2023-01-26
Date de publication 2023-01-26
Propriétaire Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. (USA)
  • Zhou, Zhang-Lin
  • Zhou, Xiaoqi


The present disclosure describes phosphonium-containing polyurethane compositions, coating compositions, and coated fabric media. In one example, a phosphonium-containing polyurethane composition can include an aqueous liquid vehicle and polyurethane particles. The polyurethane particles can include a polyurethane polymer devoid of end cap groups. The polyurethane polymer can include a polyurethane backbone having a polymerized diamine chain extender forming a portion of the backbone. The polyurethane polymer can also include side chain groups along the polyurethane backbone. The side chain groups can collectively include aliphatic phosphonium salts and polyalkylene oxide groups.

Classes IPC  ?

  • C08G 18/32 - Polyhydroxy compounds; Polyamines; Hydroxy amines
  • C08G 18/38 - Low-molecular-weight compounds having hetero atoms other than oxygen
  • C09D 7/65 - Additives macromolecular
  • D06M 15/564 - Polyureas, polyurethanes or other polymers having ureide or urethane links; Precondensation products forming them
  • C08G 18/42 - Polycondensates having carboxylic or carbonic ester groups in the main chain
  • C08G 18/66 - Compounds of groups , , or
  • D06M 15/263 - Macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds of unsaturated carboxylic acids; Salts or esters thereof
  • C08G 18/48 - Polyethers
  • C08G 18/08 - Processes