Contactless power supply device and transmitter device

Registre Brevet USPTO
Numéro d'application 16934683
Numéro de brevet 10951069
Statut Délivré - en vigueur
Date de dépôt 2020-07-21
Date de la première publication 2021-03-04
Date de publication 2021-03-04
Date d'octroi 2021-03-16
Propriétaire OMRON Corporation (Japon)
  • Imazawa, Takanori
  • Nakao, Goro


A contactless power supply device includes: a power transmitter, and a power receiver configured to accept a power transmission from the power transmitter without contact; the power transmitter including a transmitter coil for supplying power to the power receiver via a receiver coil in the power receiver; a power supply circuit including a power source configured to supply direct-current power, and a plurality of switching elements connected in a full-bridge or half-bridge configuration between the power source and the transmitter coil; the plurality of switching elements switching between on and off states at a predetermined frequency to thereby convert the direct-current power supplied by the power source into alternating-current power of a predetermined frequency which is supplied to the transmitter coil; an auxiliary coil arranged to be capable of electromagnetic coupling with the transmitter coil; and a capacitive element configured for connection to the auxiliary coil.

Classes IPC  ?

  • H02J 50/12 - Circuit arrangements or systems for wireless supply or distribution of electric power using inductive coupling of the resonant type
  • H02J 50/80 - Circuit arrangements or systems for wireless supply or distribution of electric power involving the exchange of data, concerning supply or distribution of electric power, between transmitting devices and receiving devices
  • H02M 7/5387 - Conversion of dc power input into ac power output without possibility of reversal by static converters using discharge tubes with control electrode or semiconductor devices with control electrode using devices of a triode or transistor type requiring continuous application of a control signal using semiconductor devices only, e.g. single switched pulse inverters in a bridge configuration