Registre Brevet USPTO
Numéro d'application 16644765
Statut En instance
Date de dépôt 2018-11-30
Date de la première publication 2021-03-04
Date de publication 2021-03-04
Propriétaire OMRON Corporation (Japon)
  • Ogawa, Tadahiko
  • Morita, Kazuaki
  • Komoguchi, Yusuke
  • Nishida, Masami


A push-button switch may include a housing, a plunger, an operation unit, a transmission mechanism, a contact mechanism, and a biasing portion. The plunger have a first plunger and a second plunger that is disposed in series with the first plunger. The first plunger and the second plunger may be movable independently of each other. The contact mechanism may be configured to be opened/closed by movement of the second plunger.

Classes IPC  ?

  • H01H 13/14 - Operating parts, e.g. push-button
  • H01H 13/04 - Cases; Covers
  • H01H 13/52 - Switches having rectilinearly-movable operating part or parts adapted for pushing or pulling in one direction only, e.g. push-button switch having a single operating member the contact returning to its original state immediately upon removal of operating force, e.g. bell push switch