Control System, Controller, and Control Method

Registre Brevet USPTO
Numéro d'application 16643843
Statut En instance
Date de dépôt 2019-01-28
Date de la première publication 2021-03-04
Date de publication 2021-03-04
Propriétaire OMRON Corporation (Japon)
Inventeur(s) Kurokawa, Yoichi


There is provided a technique for attaining a state in which communication can be made even when the same control program is used in controllers. Each of the controllers includes: a network setting including a corresponding relation between an IP address and an identifier; and a storage device that stores a control program for controlling a drive device. The control program includes a control instruction for controlling the drive device with the identifier being an input. Each of the controller includes: a generation module that generates an IP address to be different from an IP address of another controller on the same network, and that rewrites the IP address in the network setting; and a communication module that communicates with an information processing device on the same network in accordance with the IP address in the network setting.

Classes IPC  ?

  • H04L 29/12 - Arrangements, apparatus, circuits or systems, not covered by a single one of groups characterised by the data terminal
  • G16Y 40/30 - Control