Method and system for detecting dynamic strain

Registre Brevet USPTO
Numéro d'application 15323937
Numéro de brevet 10234345
Statut Délivré - en vigueur
Date de dépôt 2014-07-04
Date de la première publication 2017-06-01
Date de publication 2017-06-01
Date d'octroi 2019-03-19
Propriétaire Hifi Engineering Inc. (Canada)
  • Hull, John
  • Jalilian, Seyed Ehsan


A system and method for detecting dynamic strain of a housing. The system includes an optical fiber linearly affixed along a surface of a length of the housing and an interrogator comprising a laser source and a photodetector. The optical fiber comprises at least one pair of fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) tuned to reflect substantially identical wavelengths with a segment of the optical fiber extending between the FBGs. The segment of the optical fiber is linearly affixed along the surface of the housing. The interrogator is configured to perform interferometry by shining laser light along the optical fiber and detecting light reflected by the FBGs. The interrogator outputs dynamic strain measurements based on interferometry performed on the reflected light.

Classes IPC  ?

  • G01B 9/02 - Interferometers
  • G01L 1/24 - Measuring force or stress, in general by measuring variations of optical properties of material when it is stressed, e.g. by photoelastic stress analysis
  • F17C 13/02 - Special adaptations of indicating, measuring, or monitoring equipment
  • F17D 5/00 - Protection or supervision of installations
  • G02B 6/02 - Optical fibre with cladding
  • E21B 47/00 - Survey of boreholes or wells
  • E21B 47/12 - Means for transmitting measuring-signals or control signals from the well to the surface, or from the surface to the well, e.g. for logging while drilling