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Dominant Nice Class Firearms; explosives



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Last Patent 2023 - Modular firearm suppressor
First Patent 2009 - Firearm muzzle attachment
Last Trademark 2024 - PWS

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2024 G/S Firearms; firearm parts and accessories.
G/S firearms; firearm parts and accessories
2023 G/S Firearm parts and accessories, namely, removable trigger housing
G/S Firearms
Invention Modular firearm suppressor. A firearm suppressor that includes a mount configured to connect the...
2022 G/S silencers for firearms; firearm silencer parts and accessories, namely, thread adapters and mount...
2021 Invention Adjustable carrier. Disclosed herein is a modified rifle bolt carrier allowing a selectively open...
2017 Invention Rotary lockup action. Disclosed herein is a rotary lockup action including a firing mechanism for...
Invention Buffer tube locking plate. Disclosed herein is a buffer tube locking plate assembly facilitating ...
2016 Invention Rotary lockup action. Disclosed herein is an example including a firing mechanism for a firearm i...
2015 Invention Pistol charging handle grip
2013 Invention Firearm action assembly. The disclosed apparatus is a scissor-style action to be mounted to a fir...
2012 Invention Firearm conversion assembly and method. The disclosed apparatus and method facilitates modificati...
2011 G/S Gun barrels; Gun parts; Gun stocks; Guns; Rifles and parts thereof
2009 Invention Firearm muzzle attachment. A muzzle device configured to be attached to the muzzle region of a ba...