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Total IP incl. subs 927 (+ 922 for subs)
Total IP Rank # 293,717
IP Activity Score 1.5/5.0    6
IP Activity Rank # 154,331
IP AS incl. subs 2.9/5.0    379
Parent Entity DIC Corporation



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Last Patent 2023 - Cellulose nanocrystal effect pig...
First Patent 2018 - Process for preparing an aqueous...


13 subsidiaries with IP (735 patents, 187 trademarks)

2 subsidiaries without IP

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2020 Invention Cellulose nanocrystal effect pigments for cosmetic applications. The present invention relates t...
Invention Fall detector. Safety system (100) for use with a personal protective equipment for working in g...
Invention Cosmetic or personal care formulations containing porous metal oxide spheres. A cosmetic or pers...
2018 Invention Golden effect pigments. 45 of ≥50 is provided. The golden effect pigments are highly chromatic an...
Invention Process for preparing an aqueous dispersion of pigment containing particles. A process for prepar...