Kramer, Lawrence S.

United States of America

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Total IP Rank # 207,232
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Dominant Nice Class Firearms; explosives



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Last Patent 2019 - Bolt carrier group for direct ga...
First Patent 2007 - Cartridge for m16/ar15 rifles
Last Trademark 2014 - TIER 1 CARBINE
First Trademark 2014 - TIER 1 CARBINE

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2018 Invention Bolt carrier group for direct gas impingement system. Bolt carrier groups (BCGs) for weapon syste...
Invention Direct gas impingement system. Implementations described herein generally relate to gas operating...
2017 Invention Cartridge extractor for firearms. The present disclosure generally relates to extractors for extr...
2014 G/S Firearms
Invention Cartridges and modifications for m16/ar15 rifle. Embodiments of the present invention relate gene...
2013 Invention Gas piston system for m16/ar15 rifle or m4 carbine systems. A gas piston system for a firearm inc...
2007 Invention Cartridge for m16/ar15 rifles. One embodiment of the invention sets forth a cartridge design that...