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Last Patent 2023 - Reflex sight with defined openin...
First Patent 2020 - Automatic knife
Last Trademark 2022 - FXD
First Trademark 2019 - AXIAL

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2022 Invention Reflex sight with defined openings for shock absorption. An optical sight and system. The optical...
G/S Sport knives for outdoor use; out-the front knives, namely, folding knives with blades concealed ...
G/S Sport knives for outdoor use; butterfly knives for outdoor use; balisong knives; knife sheaths; h...
2020 Invention Reflex sight utilizing shock absorption. An optical sight, system, and method for a firearm. The ...
Invention Automatic knife
G/S Reflex sights for firearms; optical lens sights; tactical laser sights; telescopic lens sights; g...
G/S Knives, namely, pocket knives, utility knives, folding knives, hunting knives; knife sheaths; spo...