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Last Patent 2022 - Deformable spacer for firearms
First Patent 2011 - Barrel alignment and locking ass...
Last Trademark 2022 - SHOCKWAVE
First Trademark 2008 - STEALTH RECON SCOUT

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2022 G/S Silencers for firearms
G/S Rifle stocks
G/S Magazines for firearms
G/S Firearm receivers
2021 G/S Firearms
G/S Firearm attachments, namely, modular external rail systems for firearms; Firearm attachments, nam...
2020 Invention Deformable spacer for firearms. A spacer for coupling a muzzle device to a muzzle of a barrel of...
Invention Trigger assembly for firearms. A trigger assembly includes a trigger, a transfer bar having a dis...
G/S On-line retail store services featuring firearms, firearm accessories, and tactical gear
2019 Invention Firearm with pressure relieving features. Firearms and barrel assemblies are provided herein that...
Invention Firearm receiver. A receiver body is provided herein having a plurality of barrel-tightening port...
2017 G/S Rifles
G/S Noise suppressors for guns
2016 G/S Firearm attachments, namely, mounts for attaching telescopic sights to a firearm; Ammunition for ...
G/S Computer application software for mobile devices, namely, software for calculating and displaying...
2014 Invention Firearm
Invention Forward ejection assembly for firearms. Ejection assemblies, actions including such ejection asse...
2013 G/S Firearms Retail store services featuring firearms and firearm accessories
Invention Scope reticle
2011 Invention Suppressor assembly for firearms. A suppressor system includes at least one inner core having a c...
Invention Barrel alignment and locking assembly. An alignment and locking assembly includes an alignment ta...