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Total IP incl. subs 591 (+ 588 for subs)
Total IP Rank # 490,455
IP Activity Score 0.9/5.0    2
IP Activity Rank # 454,745
IP AS incl. subs 3/5.0    496
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ISIN DE0006062144
Market Cap. 10.3B  (EUR)



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Last Patent 2020 - Polycarbonate compositions havin...
First Patent 2010 - Multi-layer film composite havin...


4 subsidiaries with IP (563 patents, 25 trademarks)

2 subsidiaries without IP

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Latest Inventions, Goods, Services

2019 Invention Bezel for motor vehicle glazing systems. The invention relates to trims for motor vehicle glazing...
2018 Invention Method and device for producing foam composite elements. The invention relates to a method and a...
2017 Invention Polycarbonate compositions having good mechanical properties. The invention relates to compositi...
2016 Invention Apparatus comprising a plurality of joining devices for producing semifinished sheetings and proc...
2011 Invention Gas diffusion electrode and process for production thereof. 3/g, and a pore diameter in the range...
2010 Invention Multi-layer film composite having a polycarbonate layer. The invention relates to a multi-layer f...