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Last Patent 2017 - Rifle stock assembly for differe...
First Patent 2005 - Firearm fastening assembly and m...
Last Trademark 2021 - BE BETTER
First Trademark 2014 - MDT

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2021 G/S Firearm components; Firearm components, made of metal; Firearm components, made of synthetic mate...
2017 Invention Rifle stock assembly for different barreled receivers. A rifle stock assembly adapted to receive ...
2014 G/S Gunstocks, chassis systems and accessories for rifles.
G/S Gunstocks; chassis systems and accessories for rifles, namely, rails and magazines for rifles.
G/S Gunstocks; rifle attachments, namely, modular external rail systems for attaching accessories to ...
2005 Invention Firearm fastening assembly and method of use. A fastening assembly, method of use and associate k...