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Last Patent 2023 - Headstamp marking method
First Patent 2018 - Breech bolt for firearm
Last Trademark 2022 - H H HEISER
First Trademark 2014 - GEN X ARMS AND AMMUNITION

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2022 G/S Knife sheaths Holsters
Invention Headstamp marking method. A headstamp marking method has the steps of fabricating a plurality of...
G/S Revolvers
G/S Bullets
G/S Firearm components, namely, breech bolts
2021 Invention Gas favoring boattail projectile. A gas favoring boattail projectile has a body, a nose extending...
G/S Noise suppressors for guns
2020 G/S Ammunition; Firearms
G/S Ammunition; Firearms; Rifle barrels; Sights, namely, open sights for use on firearms
2019 Invention Method of manufacturing a cartridge case. A method of manufacturing cartridge cases, wherein the ...
2018 Invention Breech bolt for firearm. A firearm including a receiver, a barrel, a breech bolt assembly, and a ...
2017 G/S Knives
2014 G/S Small arms; Small arms ammunition