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Canada - CIPO
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2019 1
Before 2019 1
NICE Class
07 - Machines and machine tools 2
09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments 2
12 - Land, air and water vehicles; parts of land vehicles 2
01 - Chemical and biological materials for industrial, scientific and agricultural use 1
04 - Industrial oils and greases; lubricants; fuels 1
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Pending 1
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Application Number 200154700
Status Pending
Filing Date 2019-12-17
NICE Classes  ?
  • 01 - Chemical and biological materials for industrial, scientific and agricultural use
  • 04 - Industrial oils and greases; lubricants; fuels
  • 06 - Common metals and ores; objects made of metal
  • 07 - Machines and machine tools
  • 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments
  • 10 - Medical apparatus and instruments
  • 11 - Environmental control apparatus
  • 12 - Land, air and water vehicles; parts of land vehicles
  • 16 - Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials
  • 19 - Non-metallic building materials
  • 20 - Furniture and decorative products
  • 21 - HouseHold or kitchen utensils, containers and materials; glassware; porcelain; earthenware
  • 26 - Small items for dressmaking; artifical flowers; false hair
  • 28 - Games; toys; sports equipment
  • 38 - Telecommunications services

Goods & Services

(1) Machines, machine tools, power-operated tools; motors and engines, except for land vehicles; machine coupling and transmission components, except for land vehicles; agricultural implements, other than hand-operated hand tools; incubators for eggs; automatic vending machines; 3D printers; AC generators (alternators); AC motor drives; actuators; adaptors for adhesive, lubricant or paint dispensers for machines; adhesive bands for pulleys; adhesive dispensers [machines]; agitators; agricultural machines; air hydraulic presses; air presses; air suction machines; alternating current motors for machines; anti-friction bearings for machines; anti-friction pads for machines; anti-pollution devices for motors and engines; apparatus for dispensing pharmaceuticals; apparatus for machining; apparatus for opening and closing automatic doors; apparatus for opening and closing electric curtains; apparatus for opening and closing electric shutters; apparatus for opening and closing floodgates; apparatus for opening and closing garage doors; apparatus for opening and closing gates; apparatus for opening and closing platform doors; apparatus for packaging electronic components on circuit boards; apparatus for transferring liquid crystal glass substrates; apparatus for use in insulating coatings of motors; aprons (parts of machines); automated machines for use in the manufacture of electric appliances; automated machines for use in the manufacture of motors; automated machines for use in the manufacture of paper; automatic assembly machines for use in the manufacturing process; automatic centering devices for use in manufacture of compressors; automatic grapnels for marine purposes; automatic metal processing machines for use in the manufacturing process; automatic stamping machines; automatic Sushi manufacturing machines; axels for machines; ball rings for bearings; ball-bearings; barrel covers for adhesive, lubricant or paint dispensers for machines; bearing brackets for machines; bearings [parts of machines]; bellows (machines); belts for conveyors; bicycle dynamos; binding apparatus for hay; blade holders (parts of machines); blades (parts of machines); blowers [machines]; blowing engines; blowing machines for compression, exhaustion and transport of gases; bobbins and reels for weaving looms; boiler tubes (parts of machines); bookbinding machines and apparatus; bottle filling machines; boxes for matrices (printing); brake linings other than for vehicles; brake segments other than for vehicles; brake shoes other than for vehicles; brakes [machines]; brushes (parts of machines); brushless DC fans [parts of machines]; brushless DC motors and brush DC motors; cams for machines; carbon brushes (electricity); carburetor feeders; carburetors; card clothing (parts of carding machines); carriage aprons; carriages for knitting machines; cartridges for filtering machines; catalytic converters; central vacuum cleaning installations; centrifugal pumps; centrifuges [machines]; chaff cutter blades; chain guides for transmissions for machines; chain tensioners for transmissions for machines; chemical processing machines and instruments; chick brooders; chip mounting machines; chisels for machines; chucks (parts of machines); cigarette butt disposing machines; clack valves (parts of machines); cleaning robots; coin packaging machines; compressors [machines]; compressors for air conditioners; condensers (steam) (parts of machines); condensing installations; construction machines and apparatus; control cables for machines, engines or motors; control mechanism for elevators; control mechanism for escalators; control mechanism for valves; control mechanisms for machines, engines or motors; control units for opening and closing electric blinds; control units for opening and closing windows; conveying machines; conveying machines for semiconductor substrates; cooler pumps for engines of automobiles; cooling fans for combustion engines; cooling fans for compressors; cowlings (parts of machines); cranes [lifting and hoisting apparatus]; crank shafts; crankcases for machines, motors and engines; cranks (parts of machines); crushing machines; current generators; curtain drawing devices, electrically operated; cutting blow pipes, gas-operated; cutting machines; cylinder heads for engines; cylinders for machines; cylinders for motors and engines; dashpot plungers (parts of machines); DC generators; DC motor drives; de-aerators for feed water; die-casting machines; die-stamping machines; diggers [machines]; direct current motors; dish washing machines; dispensers for painting [machines]; dispensers for use in manufacture of foods or beverages; dispensers for use in manufacture of semiconductors; dispensers for use in manufacture of solar cells; drain cocks; drill chucks (parts of machines); drilling bits (parts of machines); drilling heads (parts of machines); drive gears for camera zoom lenses; drives for motors; driving devices for machines and apparatus for treatment of drainage water; driving motors other than for land vehicles; driving units for drain valves of washing machines; driving units for ice machines for refrigerators; driving units for loading and unloading machines; drums (parts of machines); drying machines; dynamo belts; dynamo brushes; electric blenders for household purposes; electric drills; electric driving systems for pipelines; electric driving units for mining machines; electric food blenders for household purposes; electric fruit presses for household purposes; electric grinders/crushers for household purposes; electric hand drills; electric juicers; electric knives; electric motors for hard disc drives; electric oil pumps for automobiles; electric valves; electric wax-polishing machines; electric welding apparatus; electromagnetic valves; elevator doors; elevator operating apparatus; elevators [lifts]; encoders for wind-powered electricity generators; engines, other than for land vehicles; escalators; exhausts for motors and engines; expansion tanks (parts of machines); extrusion molding machines; fan belts for motors and engines; fan motors; fans [parts of machines]; fans for apparatus for opening and closing automatic doors; fans for apparatus for opening and closing electric curtains; fans for apparatus for opening and closing floodgates; fans for centrifuges [machines]; fans for cleaning robots; fans for compressors; fans for compressors for air conditioners; fans for conveying machines; fans for cranes; fans for dish washing machines; fans for electric drills; fans for electric juicers; fans for elevators; fans for food processors; fans for lawnmowers [machines]; fans for leaf blowers; fans for mixers [machines]; fans for motors and engines; fans for pumps; fans for rice planting machines; fans for sewing machines; fans for spinning machines; fans for vacuum cleaners; fans for vending machines; fans for washing machines [laundry]; fans for wind-powered electricity generators; feeders (parts of machines); feeding apparatus for engine boilers; filters (parts of machines or engines); filters for cleaning cooling air, for engines; finishing machines; floor polishers; floor polishers, electric; flues for engine boilers; food preparation machines, electromechanical; food processors, electric; food slicers; freewheels other than for land vehicles; fuel conversion apparatus for internal combustion engines; fuel economisers for motors and engines; garbage disposals; gear motors; gearboxes other than for land vehicles; gears, other than for land vehicles; generators of electricity; glassware manufacturing machines and apparatus; glaziers' diamonds (parts of machines); glow plugs for diesel engines; grain separating machines; grease boxes (parts of machines); grease rings (parts of machines); grinders for metal working; grindstones (parts of machines); guards (parts of machines); guides for machines; hammers (parts of machines); hand-held tools, other than hand-operated; handles for transmissions for machines; handling apparatus for loading and unloading; hangers (parts of machines); Heat exchangers [parts of machines]; heat sink fans as used as parts of machines; high pressure washers; hoists; hoistway for elevators; holding devices for machine tools; hoods (parts of machines); housings (parts of machines); hydraulic controls for machines, motors and engines; hydraulic door openers and closers (parts of machines); hydraulic presses; hydroelectric installations for generating electricity; igniting devices for internal combustion engines; igniting magnetos; igniting magnetos for engines; induction motors; injectors for engines; inking apparatus for printing machines; joints (parts of engines); kick starters for motorcycles; kneading machines; knitting machines; knives (parts of machines); knives for mowing machines; labellers [machines]; lasts for shoes parts of machines; lathes; lawnmowers [machines]; leaf blowers; leather tanning machines; leather-working machines; lens manufacturing machines and apparatus; lifts, other than ski-lifts; liquid bearings; loading and unloading machines; locking devices for lids of washing machines; loom shafts; looms; lubricant dispensers [machines]; lubricators (parts of machines); lumbering, woodworking, or veneer or plywood making machines and apparatus; machine elements (not for land vehicles); machine fly-wheels; machine tools; machine wheels; machine wheelwork; machines and apparatus for electric polishing; machines and apparatus for treatment of drainage water; machines and apparatus for use in processing of plastics; machines and apparatus for use in the manufacture of foods and beverages; machines and apparatus for use in the manufacture of rubber products; machines for fastening threads; machines for the textile industry; machines for transporting precision electronic components; matrices for use in printing; mechanical parking systems; metalworking machines; metalworking machines and tools; milking machines; millstones; mine borers; mine working machines and apparatus; mining machines and apparatus; mixers [machines]; mixing machines; mixing machines and apparatus; molds [parts of machines]; mortising machines; motor drives; motor driving units; motors for air conditioners; motors for air conditioning apparatus; motors for apparatus for dispensing pharmaceuticals; motors for cleaning robots; motors for cooling fans for automobile sheets; motors for cranes; motors for dish drying and washing machines; motors for drying apparatus and installations; motors for elevators; motors for fans; motors for fans for air conditioners; motors for food slicers; motors for generators of electricity; motors for infusion machines and instruments; motors for lifts; motors for medical beds; motors for medical dialysis machines; motors for microwave ovens; motors for multifunction printers; motors for optical disc drives for computers; motors for ovens for industrial use; motors for platform gates; motors for pumps; motors for pumps for microwave ovens; motors for pumps for swimming pools; motors for refrigerators or freezers; motors for sewing machines; motors for ships; motors for sound reproduction apparatus; motors for television sets; motors for ventilating and air conditioning equipment, apparatus and installations; motors for video game machines; motors for washing machines [laundry]; motors for water heating installations; motors for wheels for medical beds; motors for wind-powered electricity generators; motors with encoders, other than for land vehicles; motors, electric, other than for land vehicles; motors, other than for land vehicles; moulding machines; mufflers for motors and engines; needles for adhesive, lubricant or paint dispensers for machines; net hauling machines (fishing); non-electric prime movers not for land vehicles; nozzles for adhesive, lubricant or paint dispensers for machines; nuclear power installations for generating electricity; oil pumps for land vehicle engines; oil refining machines; packaging machines; painting machines; paper feeders (printing); papermaking machines; pharmaceutical packaging machines; piston segments; pistons (parts of machines or engines); pistons for cylinders; pistons for engines; pivot assemblies; placing boards for loading and unloading pallets of metal; plastic processing machines and apparatus; plunger pistons; plungers for adhesive, lubricant or paint dispensers for machines; pneumatic controls for machines, motors and engines; pneumatic door openers and closers (parts of machines); pneumatic or hydraulic machines and instruments; pot mill machines; potter's clay kneading machines; potter's clay slab rollers; potters' wheels; power generating installations utilizing biomass fuels; power generating installations utilizing ocean energy; power generators for ships; power shovels; power tools; press motors; presses [machines for industrial purposes]; pressure reducers (parts of machines); pressure regulators (parts of machines); pressure valves (parts of machines); printing cylinders; printing machines; printing plates; printing rollers for machines; pug mills [machines]; pulleys (parts of machines); pulp making, papermaking or paper-working machines and apparatus; pump diaphragms; pumps [machines]; pumps for circulation in tanks of water heating installations; pumps for dish washing machines; pumps for land vehicle engines; pumps for medical dialysis machines; pumps for motor fuel; pumps for swimming pools; pumps for water heating installations; punches for punching machines; rack and pinion jacks; radiators for cooling motors and engines; rail-laying machines; rakes for raking machines; reduction gears for beds for medical purposes; reduction gears for CT scanners; reduction gears other than for land vehicles; reels (parts of machines); reels, mechanical, for flexible hoses; regulators (parts of machines); reluctance motors; repairing machines and apparatus; reversible motors; rice husking machines; rice planting machines; rice polishing machines; robots [machines]; robots for transporting semiconductor wafers; roller bearings; roller bridges; rolling mill cylinders; rotary blowers [machines]; rotary compressors; rotary motors, not for land vehicles; safety devices for elevators; saw benches (parts of machines); saw blades (parts of machines); saws (machines); scallop drilling machines; scissor lifts; sealing joints (parts of engines); self-oiling bearings; semiconductor manufacturing machines and apparatus; sericultural machines and implements; servo motors; servo presses; sewing machines; shaft couplings or connectors, not for land vehicles; shafts, axles and spindles, not for land vehicles; sharpening wheels (parts of machines); shock absorber plungers (parts of machines); shock absorbers, not for land vehicles; shoe making machines; shredders [machines] for industrial use; shuttles (parts of machines); sieves (machines or parts of machines); sizing machines; slide rests (parts of machines); sliders for knitting machines; slides for knitting machines; small electric motors for use as components in end user products; snow ploughs; sowers [machines]; sparking plugs for internal combustion engines; speed governors for machines, engines and motors; spindle motors; spinning machines; springs (machine elements not for land vehicles); springs (parts of machines); stands for machines; starters for motors and engines; stators (parts of machines); stepper motors; stepping motors; stirring machines and apparatus; stitching machines; stone working machines and apparatus; stuffing boxes (parts of machines); suction cups for milking machines; superchargers; syringes for adhesive, lubricant or paint dispensers for machines; tables for machines; tambours for embroidery machines; taps (parts of machines, engines or motors); teat cups for milking machines; textile machines and apparatus; tobacco processing machines; tools (parts of machines); traction drives; transaxles for machines; transmissions for machines; trussing apparatus for hay; turbo fans [parts of machines]; turbocompressors; tympans (parts of printing presses); ultraviolet irradiation machines for use in the manufacture of motors; units for driving flow control valves for water heating installations; vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants; vacuum cleaner bags; vacuum cleaner hoses; vacuum cleaners; vacuum pumps [machines]; valves [parts of machines]; valves for automobiles; vending machines; vibrating motors; vulcanisation apparatus; washing installations for vehicles; washing machines [laundry]; waste compacting machines and apparatus; waste crushing machines; water heaters (parts of machines); water mills; water separators; welding apparatus, gas-operated; well drilling machines; wind mills; winding machines; wind-powered electricity generators; woodworking machines; wrapping machines; yarn twisting machines; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods (2) Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking [supervision], life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers; computer software; fire-extinguishing apparatus; 3-dimmentional scanners; actuators; actuators for controlling mirrors of astronomical telescopes; air leak detectors; air tanks (for scuba diving); analog force gauges; analog torque meters; analogue force gauges; angle sensors; antennas; anti-theft warning apparatus; apparatus and instruments for astronomy; apparatus and instruments for physics; apparatus for accumulating electricity; apparatus for checking skin conditions; apparatus for controlling electricity; apparatus for inspecting circuit boards; apparatus for inspecting semiconductors; apparatus for inspecting touch panels; apparatus for testing and inspecting printed circuit boards; appearance inspection apparatus; attenuators; audio equipment; audio players for automobiles; automated teller machines [ATM]; automatic centering devices for use in manufacture of compressors; azimuth instruments; base plates for hard disk drives; batteries and cells; battery chargers; bill and coin counters; body-tubes for telescopes (lens-barrels); broadcasting apparatus; calibrating rings; cameras (photography); cameras for use in white-line recognition for vehicles; cameras for vehicles; capacity measures; card issuing machines; card readers; card writers; cash registers; cell phone covers; chemistry apparatus and instruments; chips (integrated circuits); cigar lighters for automobiles; cinematographic cameras; cinematographic instruments and apparatus; circuit boards for controlling motors; circuit boards for driving motors; circuit breakers; circuit protection devices; coin counting or sorting machines; coin detectors; coin identification sensors; coin-operated gates for car parking facilities; compact discs for audio-video; computer game programs; computer monitors; computer peripheral devices; computer programs for radio-controlled toys; computer servers; computer software for use in control and management of automation systems; control panels for elevators; control units for use in active damper systems for vehicles; control units for use in active mitigation brake systems of vehicles; control units for use in anti-lock braking systems for vehicles; control units for use in electric parking brake systems for vehicles; control units for use in electric power steering systems for vehicles; control units for use in electric pre-tensioning systems for vehicles; control units for use in lane keep assistance systems for vehicles; control units for use in vehicle parking assistance systems; control units for use in vehicle stability assistance systems; control valves for regulating hydraulic pressure of automobile engines; converters, electric; cooler fans for battery for cars; cooler fans for camcorders; cooler fans for compact disc players; cooler fans for computer mouse; cooler fans for computer printers; cooler fans for DVD players; cooler fans for electric control, regulating and distribution apparatus; cooler fans for electronic machines, apparatus and their parts; cooler fans for facsimile machines; cooler fans for integrated circuits; cooler fans for portable telephones; cooler fans for rotary converters; cooler fans for scanners (data processing equipment); cooler fans for telecommunication devices and apparatus; cooler fans for vending machines; cooler fans for video recorders; cooling fans for audio players for automobiles; cooling fans for central processing units for computers; cooling fans for computer printers; cooling fans for computer servers; cooling fans for computers; cooling fans for electric power supplies; cooling fans for multifunction printers; cosmographic instruments; covers for hard disk drives; cylindrical inner surface inspection apparatus; data storage apparatus; defrosting timers for refrigerators; detectors; diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes; diaphragms [photography]; digital camcorders; digital counters; digital force gauges; digital still cameras; digital torque meters; display panels for use with measuring equipment; displays for micrometers; distance measuring apparatus; diving machines and apparatus (not for sports); drawing or drafting instruments and apparatus; dust masks; ear plugs; egg-candlers; electrodes; electric and electronic control units for elevators; electric and electronic control units for escalators; electric and electronic control units for motors; electric and electronic control units for valves; electric and magnetic meters; electric buzzers; electric capacity meters; electric coils; electric contacts; electric continuity testers; electric control units for lifting cars; electric door openers; electric fans and blowers used as parts of data processing equipment, computers, office automation equipment and apparatus; electric fans used as parts of data processing equipment, computers, office automation equipment and apparatus; electric installations for remote control of industrial operations; electric or magnetic meters and testers; electric regulating apparatus; electric regulating machines and apparatus for power controllers for automobiles; electric rivet contacts for relay switches; electric sign boards for displaying target figures, current outputs or like; electric switches; electric wires and cables; electrical and electronic control apparatus and instruments; electrical power supplies; electrodes; electrolysers (electrolytic cells); electronic circuits and CD-ROMs recorded with automatic performance programs for electronic musical instruments; electronic circuits and CD-ROMs recorded with programs for hand-held games with liquid crystal displays; electronic control units for air bags for vehicles; electronic control units for inspection systems; electronic control units for power steering systems for vehicles; electronic control units for robots; electronic control units for suspension systems for vehicles; electronic control units for transmission systems; electronic control units for vehicle braking systems; electronic control units for vehicles; electronic controllers for golf carts; electronic controllers for robots; electronic display units; electronic machines and apparatus; electronic timers; elevator operating apparatus; encoders; encoders for CT scanners; encoders for medical dialysis machines; ergo meters; exposed cinematographic films; exposed slide films; facsimile machines; fans for antennas; fans for astronomical telescopes; fans for bill and coin counters; fans for cameras and camcorders; fans for card readers; fans for computer peripheral devices; fans for computer servers; fans for computers; fans for electric power supplies; fans for hard disk drives; fans for hard disk recorders; fans for hubs, switches and routers for computer network; fans for ionization apparatus not for the treatment of air or water; fans for mobile communication base stations; fans for mobile phones and smart phones; fans for mobile telecommunication terminals; fans for navigation apparatus for automobiles; fans for optical disk drives; fans for photovoltaic apparatus and installations for generating solar electricity; fans for projectors; fans for rearview cameras for vehicles; fans for satellites; fans for television sets; fans for video surveillance cameras; fans of goggles for anti-tarnishing; finders for camcorders; fire alarms; fire boats; fire engines; fire hose nozzles; fire hydrants; fireproof garments; fish-eye lenses; flash memory cards; flashlights (photography); floats for bathing and swimming; frequency meters; fuel cells; furnaces for laboratory experiments; galvanometers; gas alarms; gas masks; gasoline pumps for service stations; gasoline station equipment; gauges; gloves for protection against accidents; goggles for sports; grain checking apparatus; gyro sensors; hard disk drives; hard disk recorders; high-frequency apparatus; hubs, switches and routers for computer network; image analyzing devices; image inspecting devices; image processing apparatus; image processing devices; inductance measuring apparatus; inflatable swimming floats; input devices for computers; inspection apparatus for industrial purposes; inspection apparatus of electronic parts used in medical machines and apparatus; insulation and continuity testers for printed circuit boards; integrated circuit cards (smart cards); integrated circuits; inverters [electricity]; ionization apparatus not for the treatment of air or water; jigs [measuring instruments]; jigs for inspecting circuit boards; jigs for inspecting printed circuit boards; jigs for testing electric continuity; jigs for testing short-circuit; laboratory apparatus and instruments; laser marking apparatus; laser printers; laser trimming apparatus; latch arms for hard disk drives; lens barrels for cameras; lens units for cameras for vehicles; lenses (for photographic apparatus); lenses for cameras; life saving apparatus and equipment; limit gauges; linear encoders; linear encoders for chip mounting machines; liquid crystal displays for computers; liquid crystal monitors; liquid emitting diode (LED) drivers; liquid leakage sensors; liquid spill sensors; load cell sensors; loudspeakers; luminous or mechanical road signs; magnetic cores; magnetic sensors; magnets; manometers; measuring apparatus; measuring apparatus for land vehicles; metal housings for digital still cameras and camcorders; meters; metronomes; micrometers; mobile communication base stations; mobile phones; mobile telecommunication terminals; motion sensors; motors for computers; motors for digital still cameras and camcorders; motors for optical disc recorders; multifunction printers; navigation apparatus for automobiles; noise meters; occupant detection systems; optical apparatus and instruments; optical condensers; optical disc drives; optical disc recorders; optical lenses; optical sensors; overcurrent protection elements; ozonisers (ozonators); pen recorders for use with measuring equipment; phase modifiers; phonograph records; photo telegraphy apparatus; photo-copying machines; photograph developing apparatus; photographic instruments and apparatus; photovoltaic apparatus and installations for generating solar electricity; plotters; plug boards; polygon laser scanners; postage stamp checking apparatus; potentiometers; potentiometers for CT scanners; power controllers for motors; power distribution or control machines and apparatus; precision measuring apparatus; pressure gauges; pressure measuring apparatus; pressure sensors; printed circuits; printed substrate inspection apparatus and their parts; printers for use with computers; probes for testing printed circuit boards; probes for testing semiconductors; projection apparatus; projectors; protective helmets; punched card office machines; radar apparatus; radio apparatus and machines; railway signal apparatus, luminous or mechanical; railway traffic safety appliances; readers [data processing equipment]; rearview cameras for vehicles; recorded video discs and video tapes; regulating apparatus, electric; regulators (for scuba diving); remote control apparatus; resistance measuring apparatus; resistance wires; respirators, other than for artificial respiration; rotary converters; rotary encoders; rotary encoders for sewing machines; satellites for scientific purposes; scanners [data processing equipment]; semiconductor wafer bump inspection apparatus; semi-conductors; sensors; sensors for apparatus for checking skin conditions; sensors for use in detection and guide of automatic guided vehicles; short-circuit testers; shunt evaluation testers; shutters [photography]; simulators for steering and control of vehicles; slide films mounts; slide projectors; slip rings [electric connectors]; smart phones; solar batteries; solenoid valves [electromagnetic switches]; sound recording apparatus; spectacles (eyeglasses and goggles); speed checking apparatus for vehicles; sports training simulators; sprinkler systems for fire protection; stroboscopes; switchboards; switches, electric; systems for controlling motors; tachometers; telecommunication apparatus and machines; telephone apparatus; television sets; temperature sensors; tension meters; test probes; test stands; tester for printed circuit boards; testers for radio apparatus; testing apparatus for medical machines; testing apparatus not for medical purposes; thread gauges; ticket dispensers; time and date stamping machines; time clocks (time recording devices); toner cartridges, unfilled, for printers and photocopiers; torque measuring apparatus; trimmer potentiometers; unfilled ink cartridges for computer printers; video game cartridges; video surveillance cameras; voltmeters; voting machines; weighing machines; weight belts for scuba diving; welding masks; wide-angle lenses; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods (3) Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes; air circulating fans for use in tunnels; air conditioners; air conditioners for vehicles; air conditioning apparatus; air conditioning fans for use in tunnels; air cooling apparatus; air deodorising apparatus; air drying apparatus; air filtering installations; air heating apparatus; air purifying apparatus and machines; bath tubs; bread baking machines; bread making machines; calcining kilns; ceiling fans; clothes drying machines; cooking apparatus and installations for commercial use; cooling appliances and installations; cooling fans for electric cooking utensils; dampers [heating]; dampers as parts of toilet stool units; dampers for refrigerators; dehumidifiers; dish disinfectant apparatus for industrial purposes; dish drying machines; disinfectant dispensers for toilets; distillers for chemical processing; drying apparatus and installations; drying furnaces; electric coffee makers; electric coffee mills; electric cooking utensils; electric deep fryers; electric fans for personal use; electric kilns; electric lamps and other lighting apparatus; electric radiators; electric rice cookers; electromagnetic induction cookers; evaporators (for chemical processing); fan blades as parts of electric fans; fan heaters; fans for air conditioners; fans for air conditioning; fans for air heating and cooking apparatus; fans for air purifying apparatus and machines; fans for bread baking machines; fans for clothes drying machines; fans for cooking equipment; fans for dehumidifiers; fans for dish drying machines; fans for drying apparatus and installations; fans for electric coffee makers; fans for electric kettles; fans for electric rice cookers; fans for fan heaters; fans for freezers; fans for futon driers; fans for hair driers; fans for hand drying apparatus for washrooms; fans for hoods for ranges; fans for humidifiers; fans for induction cookers; fans for ionization apparatus for the treatment of air or water; fans for microwave ovens; fans for refrigerators; fans for rice cookers; fans for scent diffusers; fans for steam facial apparatus; fans for stoves; fans for toilet seats; fans for toilet stool units with a washing water squirter; fans for underfloor heating apparatus; fans for ventilation machines; fans for water heating installations; fireplaces, domestic; forage drying apparatus; freezers; futon driers; garbage incinerators; gas lamps; gas water heaters; hair driers; hand drying apparatus for washrooms; heat exchangers, not parts of machines; heat pumps; heat pumps for heat and water supply apparatus; heaters for baths; heating apparatus; hoods for ranges; hot air ovens; hot water bottles for warming one's feet in bed; household tap-water filters; humidifiers; ice chests; ice machines and apparatus; ice-cooling refrigerators; incinerators; induction cookers; industrial boilers; industrial cooking ovens; industrial cooking pots; industrial deep fryers; industrial dish drying apparatus and installations; industrial electric fans for air-conditioning, ventilating, and drying purposes; industrial furnaces; industrial rice cookers; industrial roasters; internal cooling fans for electric fans; ionization apparatus for the treatment of air or water; kettles, electric; kiln for ceramic art for industrial purposes; kilns; kitchen sinks; kitchen worktops; lamp chimneys; level controlling valves in tanks; light emitting diode lighting apparatus; lighting apparatus; lighting apparatus for vehicles; melting furnaces; microwave ovens [cooking apparatus]; milk sterilizers; non-electric cooking heaters (for household purposes); non-electric heating apparatus for household purposes; non-electric pocket warmers; non-electric warming pans; nuclear reactors (atomic piles); oil lamps; ovens, other than for laboratory use; pasteurisers; pipe line cocks; portable paper lanterns (chochin); projector lamps; purification installations for sewage; radiators (heating); recuperators (for chemical processing); refrigerant valves for refrigerators; refrigerators; rice cookers for commercial use; sanitary apparatus and installations; scent diffusers; seatings for use with Japanese style toilet bowls; septic tanks for household purposes; septic tanks for industrial purposes; set units of bathroom; set units of toilet bowl and seat; sewage filtering apparatus; solar water heaters; standing paper lanterns (andon); steam facial apparatus; steam facial apparatus (saunas) for commercial use; steamers (for chemical processing); stick fuel for Japanese pocket warmers (kairo-bai); stoves; tanning apparatus (sun beds) for commercial use; tap water faucets; toasters for commercial use; toilet bowls; toilet stool units with a washing water squirter; underfloor heating apparatus; units for driving valves for toilets; units for driving washing nozzles for toilets; valves for water faucets; ventilation machines; washers for water taps; waste water treatment tanks for household purposes; waste water treatment tanks for industrial purposes; water conduits installations; water filtering apparatus; water heating installations; water purifying apparatus; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods (4) Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; AC or DC motors for land vehicles; active mitigation braking systems for vehicles; actuators as parts of automobiles; adhesive rubber patches for repairing inner tubes; adhesive rubber patches for repairing tubes or tires; aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances; air bags for vehicles; air pumps [vehicle accessories]; aircrafts; airplanes; amphibious airplanes; anti-dazzle devices for vehicles; anti-lock braking systems for vehicles; anti-skid chains; anti-theft alarms for vehicles; audible warning systems for cycles; automatic guided vehicles; automobile bodies; automobile chains; automobile chassis; automobile hoods; automobile tires [tyres]; automobiles; axels for vehicles; axle journals; baby carriages (prams); balance weights for vehicle wheels; bands for wheel hubs; baskets adapted for cycles; bearings (for land vehicles); bells for bicycles, cycles; bicycle bells; bicycle saddles; bicycle stands; bicycle tires [tyres]; bicycle trailers; bicycles; boat hooks; bodies for vehicles; bogies for railway cars; brake linings for vehicles; brake segments for vehicles; brake shoes for vehicles; brakes for vehicles; buffers for railway rolling stock; bumpers for automobiles; bus bars for automobiles; caps for vehicle petrol [gas] tanks; carts; casings for pneumatic tires [tyres]; casters for trolleys [vehicles] [carts (am)]; chains for bicycles, cycles; cleaning trolleys; cleats [nautical]; clutches for land vehicles; connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines; cooling fans for automobile batteries; cooling fans for automobile engines; cooling fans for automobile sheets; couplings for land vehicles; covers for baby carriages; covers for vehicle steering wheels; crankcases for land vehicle components, other than for engines; cranks for cycles; cycle hubs; cycle mudguards; cycle stands; davits for boats; delivery tricycles; direction indicators for bicycles, cycles; direction signals for vehicles; disengaging gear for boats; doors for vehicles; dress guards for bicycles, cycles; driving and control units for golf carts; driving chains for land vehicles; driving motors for land vehicles; driving systems for ropeways; driving units for land vehicles; ejector seats for aircraft; electric bicycles; electric carts; electric motors for land vehicles; electric vehicles; electric wheelchairs; encoders and resolvers for use on land, water and air vehicle equipment; engines for land vehicles; fans for airplanes; fans for electric bicycles; fans for electric wheelchairs; fans for helicopters; fans for motorcycles; fans for railway cars; fans for ships; fans for upholstery for vehicles; fans for use in vehicles; fenders for ships; fitted perambulator covers; flanges for railway wheel tires [tyres]; fork lift trucks; frames for bicycles; freewheels for land vehicles; fuel delivery pipes as parts of automobiles; funnels for locomotives; funnels for ships; gearboxes for land vehicles; gearing for land vehicles; gears for land vehicles; golf carts; hand cars; handle bars for bicycles, cycles; head-rests for vehicle seats; helicopters; hoods for baby carriages; hoods for vehicle engines; hoods for vehicles; horns for vehicles; horse drawn carriages; hub caps; hubs for vehicle wheels; hydraulic circuits for vehicles; inclined ways for boats; inner tubes for bicycles, cycles; inner tubes for pneumatic tires [tyres]; jet engines for land vehicles; lifting cars [lift cars]; luggage carriers for vehicles; luggage nets for vehicles; luggage trucks; machine elements for land vehicles; masts for boats; mid-size brushless DC motors for brakes for land vehicles; mid-size brushless DC motors for vehicle radiators; mine cart wheels; mine-car pullers; mine-car pushers; mirrors for vehicles; motorcycles; motors for active suspensions for cars; motors for adjusting sheets for automobiles; motors for air conditioning blowers of cars; motors for auto-balancing systems for land vehicles; motors for car navigation systems; motors for cooling car batteries; motors for cooling engines for automobiles; motors for cycles; motors for electric fork lifts; motors for golf carts; motors for land vehicle structural parts; motors for land vehicles; motors for railway cars; motors for sunroofs for automobiles; non-skid devices for vehicle tires [tyres]; oars; paddles for canoes; pallet trucks; panniers adapted for cycles; parachutes; pedals for cycles; pneumatic tires [tyres]; pontoons; portholes; power steering units for land vehicles; power transmissions and gearings (for land vehicles); propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; puller cars for mining; pumps for bicycles, cycles; pushchair covers; pushchair hoods; pusher cars for mining; railway cars; railway couplings; railway rolling stock and their parts and fittings; rearview mirrors; reduction gears for land vehicles; remote control vehicles other than toys; repair outfits for inner tubes; reversing alarms for vehicles; rickshaws; rims for vehicle wheels; rims for wheels of bicycles, cycles; ropeways; ropeways for cargo or freight handling; rowlocks; rudders; sack-barrows; saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles; saddles for bicycles, cycles or motorcycles; safety belts for vehicle seats; safety seats for children, for vehicles; screw-propellers; screw-propellers for boats; screws [propellers] for ships; sculls; seat covers for vehicles; security harness for vehicle seats; shaft couplings or connectors (for land vehicles); shafts, axles or spindles (for land vehicles); ships; ships' hulls; shock absorbers (for land vehicles); shock absorbers for automobiles; shock absorbing springs for vehicles; shopping trolleys [carts (am)]; side cars; ski carriers for cars; sleeping berths for vehicles; sleighs and sleds (vehicles); small-size brushless DC motors for power-operated foldaway mirrors of cars; space vehicles; spars for ships; spikes for tires [tyres]; spoke clips for wheels; spokes for bicycles, cycles; springs (for land vehicles); steering gears for ships; steering wheels for vehicles; stern oars; stroller covers [pushchairs]; studs for tires [tyres]; sun-blinds adapted for automobiles; suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; tailboard lifts (parts of land vehicles); timbers [frames] for ships; tipping apparatus, parts of trucks and waggons; tipping bodies for lorries [trucks]; tires, solid, for vehicle wheels; torque converters for land vehicles; torsion bars for vehicles; traction engines; trailer hitches for vehicles; transaxles for vehicles; transmission chains for land vehicles; transmission shafts for land vehicles; transmissions for vehicles; treads for retreading tires [tyres]; treads for vehicles [roller belts]; treads for vehicles [tractor type]; trolleys; tubeless tires [tyres] for bicycles, cycles; turbines for land vehicles; turn signals for vehicles; two-wheeled motor vehicles, bicycles and their parts and fittings; two-wheeled trolleys; tyres for vehicle wheels; undercarriages for vehicles; unloading tipplers (for tilting railway freight cars); upholstery for vehicles; valves for vehicle tires [tyres]; vehicle bumpers; vehicle chassis; vehicle covers [shaped]; vehicle running boards; vehicle seats; vehicle suspension springs; vehicle wheel spokes; vehicle wheel tires [tyres]; vehicle wheels; vehicles; vessels and their parts and fittings; wheelbarrows; wheelchairs; wheels for bicycles, cycles; windows for vehicles; windscreens; windshield wipers; windshields; parts and fittings for all the aforementioned goods (1) Telecommunications; data transmission, exchange and communications between electrical machinery apparatus and devices, including electric motors, fans and blowers; communications by computer terminals; communications by telephone; facsimile transmission; computer aided transmission of messages and images; information about telecommunication; providing access to databases; providing online forums; providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; radio communications; rental of access time to global computer networks; rental of message sending apparatus; rental of telecommunication equipment; satellite transmission; streaming of data; transmission of digital files; wireless broadcasting; data transmission; electronic data communications; electronic data exchange; data communications services; consultancy services relating to data communications



Application Number 053417000
Status Registered
Filing Date 1985-01-04
Registration Date 1986-05-23
Owner Nidec Corporation (Japan)
NICE Classes  ?
  • 07 - Machines and machine tools
  • 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments
  • 12 - Land, air and water vehicles; parts of land vehicles

Goods & Services

(1) Fractional horsepower electric motors and air moving fans and blowers for cooling electrical and electronic apparatus. (2) AC motors and DC motors. (3) Motors for power steering, suspension and/or brakes for land vehicles, motors for land vehicles, motors for being assembled into structural parts of land vehicles, spindle motors for car navigation systems, fans to be mounted under vehicle seats.