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Document Number 03101104
Status Pending
Filing Date 2020-11-27
Open to Public Date 2022-05-27
Owner LEE, MICHAEL (Canada)
Inventor Lee, Michael


The name of the invention is the "Compact Tactical Stabilizer." The invention will henceforth be referred to as the "CTS." This invention pertains to the field of firearms. In its simplest form, the CTS is a trigger-guard-shaped enclosed-frame stabilizer grip, located on the receiver of a typical handgun frame, with its placement just forward of the existing trigger guard. The CTS can be built into the frame at the time of manufacture or added aftermarket through the use of a kit, via the firearm's existing accessory rail. The terms "pistol" and "handgun" are used interchangeably for the purposes of this document.

IPC Classes  ?

  • F41C 23/12 - Auxiliary stocks for stabilising, or for transforming pistols, e.g. revolvers, into shoulder-fired guns