Bravo Company Mfg, Inc.

United States of America

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Canada - CIPO
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2020 1
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NICE Class
13 - Firearms; explosives 2
28 - Games; toys; sports equipment 1
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Application Number 204153700
Status Registered
Filing Date 2020-06-19
Registration Date 2022-03-02
Owner Bravo Company MFG., Inc. (USA)
NICE Classes  ?
  • 13 - Firearms; explosives
  • 28 - Games; toys; sports equipment

Goods & Services

(1) Airsoft guns not for recreational use; parts for airsoft guns not for recreational use. (2) Airsoft guns for recreational purposes; parts for airsoft guns for recreational purposes.



Application Number 194624600
Status Registered
Filing Date 2019-02-14
Registration Date 2023-03-14
Owner Bravo Company Mfg., Inc. (USA)
NICE Classes  ? 13 - Firearms; explosives

Goods & Services

(1) Firearms (2) Gun parts, namely, upper receivers, lower receivers, gun barrels, bolt carriers groups, charging handles, fire control groups, safety selectors, triggers for firearms, gun stocks, handguards for guns, accessory gun mounts, sling mounts, light mounts, gun sights, sight mounts, firearm grips, trigger guards, firearm tactical rails, rail covers, swivel mounts, gas tubes, recoil compensators, flash suppressors, receiver extensions, recoil buffers, QD end plates, barrel nuts, clamps for firearms, firearm springs