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Document Number 03110605
Status Pending
Filing Date 2018-12-24
Open to Public Date 2019-06-27
Owner SHEKEL SCALES (2008) LTD (Israel)
Inventor Trakhimovich, Michael


An assembly including a load cell body having contiguous cutout windows, each formed by a pair of cutout lines and connected by a cutout base, the second window being transversely bounded by the first window, the third window being transversely bounded by the second window; measuring beams, disposed along edges of the body, each defined by a respective line of the first pair of cutout lines; first and second arrangements, each having a pair of flexure beams connected by first and second bases, respectively; a loading element, extending from the second base; and strain gages, attached to the beams.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G01G 3/14 - Weighing apparatus characterised by the use of elastically-deformable members, e.g. spring balances wherein the weighing element is in the form of a solid body stressed by pressure or tension during weighing measuring variations of electrical resistance