Register WIPO Trademark
Application Number 1721244
Status Registered
Filing Date 2023-01-09
Publication Date 2023-03-30
Registration Date 2023-01-09
NICE Classes  ?
  • 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments
  • 42 - Scientific, technological and industrial services, research and design

Goods & Services

Downloadable software applications for mobile phones; computer programs, downloadable; computer software platforms, recorded or downloadable; software to control and improve audio equipment sound quality; electronic publications, downloadable; computer programs for editing images, sound and video; computer peripheral devices; global positioning system [GPS] apparatus; cell phones; cabinets for loudspeakers; earphones; chips [integrated circuits]. Research in the field of artificial intelligence technology; design and development of multimedia products; technological research; providing virtual computer systems through cloud computing; programming of multimedia applications; platform as a service [PaaS]; design and development of software in the field of mobile applications; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; computer software design; software as a service [SaaS].
Receiving Office (blue)
Designated Parties (green)
United Arab Emirates, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, OHIM, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Switzerland, Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Viet Nam