Register WIPO Trademark
Application Number 1675826
Status Registered
Filing Date 2022-04-19
Publication Date 2022-08-04
Registration Date 2022-04-19
Owner LG Corp. (Republic of Korea)
NICE Classes  ?
  • 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments
  • 37 - Construction and mining; installation and repair services
  • 39 - Transport, packaging, storage and travel services
  • 40 - Treatment of materials; recycling, air and water treatment,

Goods & Services

Lithium battery; uninterruptible power supply apparatus [battery]; battery packs; modules for lithium secondary batteries; secondary cells; charging stations for electric vehicles; electricity energy supply controller; electric batteries; battery chargers; battery cables; battery cases; software for vehicle battery management; software application for database integration for vehicle batteries; electrical and electronic control apparatus for improving power efficiency; lithium secondary battery pack; lithium secondary batteries; lithium secondary battery cell; separator for secondary batteries; anodes for secondary batteries; cathodes for secondary batteries; cooling pads especially adapted for decreasing the heat generation of batteries; battery packs; battery cell; batteries for vehicles; electricity distribution and control apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for accumulating and storing electricity; electronic power supplies; battery separators; battery cell electrode; grids for batteries; fuel cells; power units [batteries]; software for electric vehicles; battery module; electrical storage batteries; electric conductors; anodes; cathodes; cathodic protection apparatus; fuel cell electrodes; printed circuit boards; batteries for automobiles; battery charge devices; solar modules; solar energy storage devices for generating electricity; solar cells; energy storage apparatus comprised of batteries; batteries. Maintenance of building energy consumption reduction system; construction of equipment for alternative energy generation; recharging of batteries and accumulators; installation, maintenance and repair of batteries and accumulators; vehicle battery charging; construction of new regeneration energy factory, including sunlight generation or wind power; construction of energy efficient buildings and structures; car battery charging; installation of renewable energy conversion installations; replacement, repair or maintenance of batteries; electric motor vehicle maintenance and repair; repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and parts thereof; battery charging service for motor vehicles; maintenance, servicing and repair of vehicles; automobile battery replacement services; charging device rental for electric vehicles; rental of battery charger. Rental of vehicle roof racks. Conversion of waste energy into electricity [energy recycling services]; recycling of electric batteries; recycling for carbon offsetting purposes; information, advice and consultancy services relating to the recycling of waste and trash; recycling of waste electronic components; generation of power; treatment of materials for processing of automobile components; consultancy services relating to the generation of electrical energy; production of electrical energy from renewable sources; treatment of materials for processing lithium-ion battery; treatment of materials for processing lithium-ion secondary battery pack; processing of cathodes for lithium-ion secondary batteries; processing of chemical composition for electrode of lithium-ion battery; custom manufacturing of battery for others; custom manufacture of battery, electrode, anode and cathode; custom manufacture of anode active materials for secondary batteries; custom manufacture of cathode active materials for secondary batteries; custom manufacture of battery; treatment of materials for processing electric batteries and batteries; custom manufacture of charging devices; rental of lithium batteries; rental of uninterruptible power supply (battery); rental of energy storage device consisting of batteries; rental of battery pack; rental of secondary battery; rental of batteries; rental of battery module; rental of electrical storage batteries; rental of solar module; rental of solar energy storage devices; rental of solar batteries; vehicle battery rental; battery rental for vehicles; battery rental for electric vehicles.
Receiving Office (blue)
Republic of Korea
Designated Parties (green)
Australia, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, China, OHIM, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Viet Nam