Register WIPO Trademark
Application Number 1117708
Status Registered
Filing Date 2011-12-02
Publication Date 2012-07-05
Registration Date 2011-12-02
NICE Classes  ?
  • 07 - Machines and machine tools
  • 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments
  • 11 - Environmental control apparatus
  • 12 - Land, air and water vehicles; parts of land vehicles

Goods & Services

Metalworking machines and tools; construction machines and apparatus; loading-unloading machines and apparatus; chemical processing machines and apparatus; textile machines and apparatus; food or beverage processing machines and apparatus; lumbering, woodworking, or veneer or plywood making machines and apparatus; pulp making, papermaking or paper-working machines and apparatus; printing or bookbinding machines and apparatus; plastic processing machines and apparatus; semiconductor manufacturing machines and systems; machines and apparatus for manufacturing rubber goods; non-electric prime movers, not for land vehicles (other than "water mills" and "wind mills"); water mills; windmills; pneumatic or hydraulic machines and instruments; automatic stamping machines; electric washing machines for industrial purposes; food mixing machines for commercial use; food peeling machines for commercial use; dish washing machines for industrial purposes; food cutting, chopping and slicing machines for commercial use; electric wax-polishing machines for industrial purposes; vacuum cleaners for industrial purposes; machines and apparatus for repairing and fixing other machinery; mechanical parking systems; waste compacting machines and apparatus; waste crushing machines; starters for motors and engines; AC motors and DC motors (not including those for land vehicles but including "parts" for any AC motors and DC motors); AC generators (alternators); DC generators; metalworking machine tools, namely, metalworking machines for cutting, etching and engraving metals by means of laser; punching presses (for metalworking); shaping machines (for metalworking); metal sawing machines; grinding machines (for metalworking); perforating machines (for metalworking); cutting machines (for metalworking); lathes (for metalworking); slotting machines (for metalworking); boring machines (for metalworking); threading machines; nut tapping machines; gear cutting and finishing machines; milling machines (for metalworking); broaching machines (for metalworking); planing machines (for metalworking); honing machines (for metalworking); drilling machines (for metalworking); lapping machines (for metalworking); primary metal forming machines and apparatus; rolling mills (for metalworking); tubing mills (for metalworking); wire extruding machines; wire drawing machines; secondary metal forming machines and apparatus; mechanical presses (for metalworking); hydraulic presses (for metalworking); shearing machines (for metalworking); forging machines; bending machines (for metalworking); oil hydraulic presses (for metalworking); wire forming machines; gas welding machines; oxy acetylene welding and cutting machines; electric welding machines; power driven hand held tools; chemical fiber processing machines and apparatus; cereal processing machines and apparatus; barley press rollers; flour mills; rice or barley polishing machines; noodle making machines; barley splitting machines; milk homogenizing machines; cheese making machines; butter machines; meat processing machines and apparatus; sausage machines; meat mincers; machines for flaking dried fish meat; machines for making fish paste; canning machines; root slicing machines; soda pop making machines; tea processing machines; sugar making machines; bottling machines; mineral water making machines; vegetable grating machines; semiconductor wafer processing machines; internal combustion engines (not for land vehicles); gasoline engines (not for land vehicles); mufflers for motors and engines; diesel engines (not for land vehicles); sparking plugs (not for land vehicles); kerosene engines (not for land vehicles); hot bulb engines (not for land vehicles); steam engines (not for land vehicles); steam marine engines (not for land vehicles); steam land engines (not for land vehicles); jet engines (not for land vehicles); turbojet engines (not for land vehicles); turboprop engines (not for land vehicles); ramjet engines (not for land vehicles); rocket engines (not for land vehicles); turbines (not for land vehicles); gas turbines (not for land vehicles); air turbines (not for land vehicles); steam turbines (not for land vehicles); hydraulic turbines (not for land vehicles); compressed air engines (not for land vehicles); fans for motors and engines; nuclear prime movers; hydraulic turbines; pumps (not for specified purposes); centrifugal pumps (not for specified purposes); reciprocating pumps (not for specified purposes); rotary pumps (not for specified purposes); vacuum pumps (not for specified purposes); axial flow pumps (not for specified purposes); mixed flow pumps (not for specified purposes); reciprocating vacuum pumps (not for specified purposes); rotary vacuum pumps (not for specified purposes); diffusion pumps (not for specified purposes); blowers (not for specified purposes); centrifugal blowers (not for specified purposes); rotary blowers (not for specified purposes); axial flow blowers (not for specified purposes); turbo blowers (not for specified purposes); compressors (not for specified purposes); centrifugal compressors (not for specified purposes); reciprocating compressors (not for specified purposes); rotary compressors (not for specified purposes); axial flow compressors (not for specified purposes); turbocompressors (not for specified purposes); power-operated lifts for parking land vehicles; whisks for industrial purposes; linear motors for controlling automatic sliding doors set up in electric railcars or on platforms; stamping machines; geothermal electric generators; thermal electric generators; hydro electric generators; wind-powered electric generators; turbine generators; emergency power generators; pneumatic opening and closing apparatus for doors for railway cars; hydraulic opening and closing apparatus for doors for railway cars; aerated beverages making machines; aerated water making apparatus; beverage preparation machines, electromechanical; motors, electric, for ships; servo motors; electromechanical controls for operating machines and motors by means of current control; steam engine boilers. Electric arc welding apparatus; electric metal cutting apparatus (by arc, gas or plasma); electric welding apparatus; ozonisers (ozonators); electrolysers; cash registers; coin counting or sorting machines; electric sign boards for displaying target figures, current outputs or the like; photo-copying machines; manually operated computing apparatus; drawing apparatus and instruments adapted for use with computers; time and date stamping machines; time clocks (time recording devices); punched card office machines; voting machines; billing machines; postage stamp checking apparatus; vending machines; gasoline gauges; gasoline pumps for service stations; display panels, control panels and keypads for petrol pumps; coin-operated gates for car parking facilities; fire alarms; gas alarms; anti-theft warning apparatus; electric door openers; photographic instruments and apparatus; cinematographic instruments and apparatus; optical apparatus and instruments; measuring or testing machines and instruments; power distribution or control machines and apparatus; rotary converters; phase modifiers; batteries and cells; electric or magnetic meters and testers; electric wires and cables; telecommunication devices and apparatus; electronic machines, apparatus and their parts; electric machines for detecting counterfeit coins; gas leak detectors; burglar alarms; standard unit measuring machines and apparatus; temperature indicators; gasometers; thermometers; water meters; balances; planimeters; derived unit measuring machines and apparatus; pressure gauges (manometers); level indicators; acoustic meters; tachometers; accelerometers; refractometers; luminous flux meters; photometers; altimeters; hygrometers; illumination meters; vibration meters; noisemeters; logs (measuring machines); speed indicators; calorimeters; viscosimeters; concentration meters; gravimeters; densimeters; dynamometers; flowmeters; flatness testing machines and instruments; automatic pressure control machines and instruments; automatic liquid flow control machines and instruments; automatic fluid composition control machines and instruments; automatic liquid level control machines and instruments; automatic combustion control machines and instruments; distance measuring machines or apparatus (range finders); instruments for use in measuring/monitoring atmospheric and water pollution; gas analysers; radiation measuring apparatus; radiation monitors; timers for industrial purpose; high frequency apparatus; branch boxes (electricity); circuit breakers; condensers; distribution boards (electricity); electric circuit closers; electric connectors; electric current rectifiers; electric reactors; electric relays; electric resistors; electric safety fuses; electric switches; electric transformers; induction voltage regulators; inverters (electricity); lightning arresters; local switches; programmable controllers; electric power supply apparatus; electric meters; electrical contact devices; electric batteries, solar cells and batteries, fuel batteries; aeronautical radio communication machines and apparatus; automatic switching apparatus for telecommunication; cable transmission machines and apparatus; loran navigation machines and apparatus; manual switching apparatus for telecommunication; marine radio communication machines and apparatus; multichannel radio communication machines and apparatus for fixed stations; navigation apparatus for vehicles (on-board computers); portable radio communication machines and apparatus; portable telephone sets; radar machines and apparatus; radio beacon machines and apparatus; radio direction finders; radio wave receivers; radio wave transmitters; remote control telemetering machines and instruments; single channel radio communication machines and apparatus for fixed stations; telephone sets; telephone sets for intercommunication apparatus; television receivers; television transmitters; vehicular radio communication machines and apparatus; digital cameras; videocameras (camcorders); cathode ray tubes; computers; computer peripherals; computer programs; cyclotrons (not for medical purposes); data processing and transmitting equipments and computers; echo sounders; electric discharge tubes other than for lighting; electron microscopes; electronic desk calculators; electronic door closing systems; electrostatic copying machines; Geiger counters; high frequency welders; hydrophone machines and apparatus; industrial betatrons (not for medical use); industrial X-ray machines and apparatus (not for medical use); integrated circuits; large scale integrated circuits; magnetic object detectors; magnetic prospecting machines; photo sensitive tubes (phototubes); parts of photocopiers, namely, photosensitive member of electro photography for use in photocopying machines; rectifier tubes; seismic exploration machines and apparatus; semi-conductor elements, namely thermistors, diodes, transistors, metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors, insulated gate bipolar transistors; blank magnetic data carriers, recording disks, namely, compact disks, DVDs, magneto optical disks, hard disks; shield cases for magnetic disks; ultrasonic flaw detectors; ultrasonic sensors; user-programmable software installed in computers to control equipments, machines and robots used for industrial purposes; vacuum tubes; word processors; X-rays tubes (not for medical use); amplifiers; programmable operation touch panels with electric displays; ohmmeters; oscillographs (oscilloscopes); variometers; phase indicators; circuit testers; diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes; antenna parameter measuring apparatus; detectors (electric or magnetic meters and testers); galvanometers; ground detectors (electric leakage detectors); magnetometers; frequency meters; vacuum tube characteristic testers; watt hour meters; resistance measuring instruments; voltmeters; electric loss indicators; wavemeters; ammeters; wattmeters; wavelength meters; oscillators; capacity measures (electric or magnetic meters and testers); accumulator boxes; galvanic batteries; battery boxes; dry cells; photovoltaic cells; high tension batteries; wet cells; accumulator jars; batteries for lighting; battery jars; anode batteries; counters; gyrocompasses; thermostats; observation instruments; measuring apparatus; measuring devices, electric; indicators (electricity); battery chargers; chargers for electric batteries; dosimeters; indicator lights (for telecommunication apparatus); solar batteries; solar cells; radiation detectors; radiation monitors; electronic personal dosemeters; voltage stabilizers for wind and photovoltaic power generation; power conditioners that convert the direct current generated to alternating current; power monitoring and control systems; semiconductors; insulated gate bipolar transistors; metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors; watt-hour meters used to manage information regarding the supply and demand of electricity via a telecommunications network (smart meters); high-capacity rectifiers; uninterruptible power supplies; transformers for land vehicles; electric opening and closing apparatus for doors for railway cars; magnetic contactors, solid state contactors. Drying apparatus (for chemical processing); recuperators (for chemical processing); steamers (for chemical processing); evaporators; distillation apparatus; heat exchangers (for chemical processing); industrial furnaces; nuclear reactors; forage drying apparatus; industrial boilers; air-conditioning apparatus (for industrial purposes); freezing machines and apparatus; cooking equipment for industrial purposes; industrial dish drying apparatus and installations; garbage incinerators for industrial purposes; solar water heaters; water purifying apparatus; desiccating apparatus; feed water heaters (for industrial purposes); air preheaters (for industrial purposes); steam superheaters (for industrial purposes); attemperators (steam desuperheaters); stokers (coal suppliers); ash removing apparatus (ash ejectors for boilers); hot air space heating apparatus (for industrial purposes); air conditioners; heating furnaces (for industrial purposes); hot water space heating apparatus (for industrial purposes); industrial humidifiers; industrial air purifiers; industrial dehumidifiers; steam heating apparatus (for industrial purposes); locally induced air-conditioners (for industrial purposes); central air-conditioning installations (for industrial purposes); radiators (for industrial air-conditioning purposes); window-mounted air-conditioners for industrial purposes; pavement heating apparatus; gas refrigerators; ice machines; refrigerating machines; cooling evaporators; cooling domes; freezers; refrigerating or freezing showcases; industrial deep fryers; industrial rice cookers; electromagnetic induction cookers for industrial purposes; electric cooking pots for industrial purposes; industrial roasters; industrial cooking ovens; dish driers for industrial use; dish disinfectant apparatus for industrial purposes; industrial water purifying apparatus; tap water purifying apparatus; ice cream making machines; bread-making machines; bread baking machines. Non-electric prime movers for land vehicles (not including "their parts"); AC motors or DC motors for land vehicles (not including "their parts"); vessels and their parts and fittings (other than "air cushion vehicles"); air-cushion vehicles; aircraft and their parts and fittings; railway rolling stock and their parts and fittings; automobiles and their parts and fittings; two-wheeled motor vehicles, bicycles and their parts and fittings; induction motors for land vehicles; gear boxes for land vehicles; gearing for land vehicles; drive motors for land vehicles.
Receiving Office (blue)
Designated Parties (green)
Bahrain, Belarus, Algeria, Morocco, Serbia, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia