Register USPTO Trademark
Serial Number 97739709
Status Pending
Filing Date 2023-01-03
Owner LG CORP. (Republic of Korea)
NICE Classes  ?
  • 03 - Cosmetics and toiletries; cleaning, bleaching, polishing and abrasive preparations
  • 05 - Pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary products
  • 06 - Common metals and ores; objects made of metal
  • 07 - Machines and machine tools
  • 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments
  • 10 - Medical apparatus and instruments
  • 11 - Environmental control apparatus
  • 12 - Land, air and water vehicles; parts of land vehicles
  • 19 - Non-metallic building materials
  • 20 - Furniture and decorative products
  • 21 - HouseHold or kitchen utensils, containers and materials; glassware; porcelain; earthenware
  • 28 - Games; toys; sports equipment
  • 35 - Advertising and business services
  • 36 - Financial, insurance and real estate services
  • 37 - Construction and mining; installation and repair services
  • 38 - Telecommunications services
  • 39 - Transport, packaging, storage and travel services
  • 41 - Education, entertainment, sporting and cultural services
  • 42 - Scientific, technological and industrial services, research and design
  • 44 - Medical, veterinary, hygienic and cosmetic services; agriculture, horticulture and forestry services

Goods & Services

Bath powder for dogs; Bath and shower preparations; Cleaners for pets; Bath preparations for pets; Soaps for pets; Laundry preparations; Non-medicated toiletries; Cosmetics; Cotton puffs impregnated with make-up removing preparations; Cleansing preparations for personal use; Pre-moistened cleansing tissues of paper for pets; Non-medicated pet shampoos Cleaning preparations for dogs (insecticides); Antibacterial cleaning compound for cleaning animals; Dietary supplements for pets; Vitamin and mineral supplements for pets; Dietary supplements for pets in the form of treats; Vitamin and mineral dietary supplements; Air purifying preparations; First-aid boxes, filled; Impregnated medicated pads; Absorbent diapers of paper for pets Bicycle storage racks of metal; Aluminum composite tubing for use in the manufacture of bicycle frames; Bicycle parking installations of metal; Identification tags of metal; Memorial cups of metal; Metal train and bus ticket holders; Metal document boxes; Safes, electronic; Bicycle locks; Basic reinforcing materials of metal for construction; Transportable greenhouses of metal for household use; Works of art of common metal Bicycle assembling machines; Bicycle dynamos; Filling machines; Coffee grinders, other than hand-operated; Electrical coffee grinders; Coffee extracting machines; Mechanical lawn mowers; Food waste disposal machines for domestic purposes; Household cleaning and laundry robots with artificial intelligence; Electric washing machines; Coin-operated washing machines; Vacuum cleaners; Air compressors; Compressors for refrigerators; Electric mixers for household purposes; Robotic vacuum cleaners; Electric food processors; Hand-held vacuum cleaners; Robots for helping with daily chores for household purposes Bicycle speedometers; Electronic speed measuring apparatus for bicycles; Bicycle helmets; Black boxes for bicycles; Communication apparatus and equipment for bicycle; Apparatus for recording image for bicycles; Reflecting disc for bicycles; Power-measuring apparatus for bicycles; Monitors; Electronic circuit machines for learning for sleep-learning; Portable rechargers; Chargers for electric accumulators; Battery chargers; Chargers for cars; Video surveillance cameras; Video conferencing apparatus; Respirators for filtering air; Television receivers; Computer application software for home appliances Sleep state analyzer for medical purposes; Ear plugs for sleeping; Artificial sleep apparatus; Exercise equipment for medical purposes; Exercising apparatus for medical rehabilitative purposes; Respiratory exercisers; Hand exercisers for therapeutic use; Physical therapy devices; Apparatus for the therapeutic stimulation of the body; Exercisers (expanders) for medical therapy; Physical training apparatus for therapeutic purposes; Exercise machines for therapeutic purposes; Massaging apparatus for personal use; Electric massage chair for household purposes; Massage chairs for medical purposes Shower enclosures; Shower fittings; Showers; Shower doors; Shower tubs; Shower stands; Body showers; Shower seats; Shower curtains; Dry rooms for pets; Coffee machines, electric; Electric coffee pots; Electric clothes dryers; Electric clothing management machines having the functions of deodorizing, sterilizing and steaming garments for household purposes; Hot air apparatus; Electric humidifiers; Electric dehumidifiers for household use; Electric ranges; Water purifiers for household purposes; Air cleaning apparatus; Heating apparatus; Electric ovens; Electric refrigerators; Ventilation hoods Folding bikes; Motorized bicycles; Bicycle frames and bicycle handlebar grips; Bicycle wheel hubs; Water bikes; Non-motorized bicycles; Mopeds; Racing bicycles; Dress guards for bicycles; Motor cars for transport on land; Mobility scooters; Self-balancing scooters; Motor scooters; Pet strollers; Land vehicles; Electric bicycles Bicycle storage racks, not of metal; Bicycle parking installations; Non-metal transportable greenhouses for household use; Huts; Manufactured timber; Monuments, not of metal Kennels for household pets; Beds for household pets; Pet crates; Furniture; Picture frames; Air mattresses, not for medical purposes; Sleeping mats; Bedding, except linen; Works of art of plastic Electronic pet feeders; Automatic litter boxes for pets; Cages for household pets; Pet feeding apparatus activated by laser sensors; Cosmetic utensils; Non-electric coffee drippers for brewing coffee; Non-electrical coffee grinders; Coffee filters, non-electric; Massage sponges; Scouring pads; Cooking utensils, non-electric; Cups; Hand-operated coffee grinders; Electric toothbrushes; Body scrub sponges Stationary exercise bicycles; Rollers for stationary exercise bicycles; Kickboard flotation devices for recreational use; Electric skateboards for leisure; Electric scooters for leisure; Wake boards; Elliptical exercise machines; Physical exercise apparatus, other than for medical use; Machines for physical exercises; Body-training apparatus; Body rehabilitation apparatus; Scooters for children (toys); Two-wheeled vehicles for children; Games and playthings; Bags specially adapted for hand-held video game apparatus; Hand held units for playing electronic games; Golf swing alignment apparatus; Gymnastic and sporting articles Sales agency services for stationary exercise bicycles; Sales agency services for motorized bicycles; Sales agency services for bicycles; Sales agency services for bicycle parking installations of metal; Sales arranging of artificial sleep apparatus; Sales arranging of sleep state analyzers for medical purposes; Business intermediary services for the sale and purchase of electronic circuit machines for learning for sleep-learning; Sales agency services for showers; Retail services relating to mobility scooters; Sales agency services for battery chargers; Sales agency services for exercise equipment for medical purposes; Sales agency services for physical exercise apparatus, other than for medical use; Sales agency services for respiratory exercisers; Sales arranging of machines for physical exercises; Retail services relating to electronic pet feeders; Advertising the goods and services of on-line vendors via a searchable on-line guide; Window dressing services for advertising purposes; Distribution of prospectuses for advertising purposes; Providing business and marketing information; Price comparison services; Business consultancy and management services regarding marketing activities and launching of new products; Promoting the goods and services by means of operating an on-line comprehensive shopping mall; Business intermediary services relating to mail order by telecommunications Mileage brokerage; Brokerage of performance mileage in the financial field; Brokerage of retail department store mileage point in the financial field; Brokerage of accommodation mileage point in the financial field; Brokerage of restaurant mileage in the financial field; Trading of financial instruments; Real estate management services relating to entertainment venues; Providing information in the field of real estate via the internet; Eleemosynary services in the field of monetary donations Repair or maintenance of bicycle parking apparatus; Repair or maintenance of bicycle parking apparatus and providing information relating thereto; Maintenance of bicycle parking; Repair and maintenance of bicycle parking facilities; Repair of main wheel parking apparatus for bicycles; Repair of bicycles; Repair of bicycles and providing information relating thereto; Vehicle battery charging; Repair or maintenance of non-electric cooking apparatus and installations; Furniture maintenance; Installation and repair of heating and air conditioning apparatus; Installation, maintenance and repair of air freshening apparatus; Cleaning of buildings; Franchise services of launderette Providing access to social networking service website via the internet; Electronic bulletin board services; Telecommunications; Providing on-line chat rooms for social networking; Transmission of data, sound and images for social networking services (SNS); Providing user access to a global computer network for location-based social networking service (SNS); Electronic bulletin board services for social network services; Providing access to databases for shopping information service; Teletext and interactive broadcasting services; Providing video conferencing services; Transmission, broadcasting and reception of audio, video, still and moving images, text and data in real time Brokerage of bicycle rental; Bicycle parking place rental; Bicycle articles rental; Delivery of home appliance; Logistics services consisting of the storage, transportation and delivery of goods; Arranging and booking of travel for package holidays; Physical storage of electronically stored digital data, photographs, audio and image files Health club services (health and fitness training); Health and fitness training; Providing sports facilities; Providing fitness and exercise facilities and services; Provision of information relating to physical training via an on-line web site; Personal fitness training services; Fitness and exercise club services; Planning of performance events; Organization of shows for cultural purposes; Training services provided via simulators; Publication of printed matter in electronic form on the Internet; Pet training Providing PAAS (platform as a service); Updating of software for data processing; Hosting platforms on the internet for delivery of multimedia contents; Programming of software for internet platforms; Development of computer platforms; Design of apparatus and machines for filling purposes; Computer security threat analysis for protecting data; Data recovery services; Monitoring of network systems; Research and development of new products Conducting sleep studies for medical diagnostic or treatment purposes; Health screening services in the field of sleep apnea; Medical screening services in the field of sleep apnea; Animal beautician services for dogs; Medical and pharmaceutical consultation; Physical therapy; Consultation services relating to skin care; Animal healthcare services; Hygienic and beauty care for humans and animals; Massage; Animal beautician services; Psychological consultation