Register USPTO Trademark
Serial Number 90103353
Status Pending
Filing Date 2020-08-10
Publication Date 2021-04-13
Owner The Heil Co. ()
NICE Classes  ? 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments

Goods & Services

Downloadable computer software for monitoring, managing, tracking, communicating with, and analyzing data, video, and information from utility vehicle safety and operational systems and for predicting and scheduling repairs; computer hardware and downloadable computer software for vehicle position and movement tracking, and for vehicle telematics, body data monitoring, and engine data monitoring, used with or in addition to a vehicle's diagnostic system to detect and record vehicle speed, engine RPMs, oil pressure, seatbelt use, time spent idling, fuel levels, ignition timeouts, airbag operation, excessive braking, engine oil temperature, headlights, warning lights, parking brake data, cruise control data, and transmission fluid levels; electronic diagnostic apparatus for vehicles; remote diagnostic systems for vehicles comprised of connection module for on-board electronic devices, data processing module and transmission module; remote vehicle tracking systems comprised of position module, storage module, and transmission module; electronic apparatus being configured to receive a telephone command signal and control a vehicle based on the aforesaid signal; downloadable computer software for using data with the purpose of vehicle and fleet of vehicles management; recorded computer programs for using and processing data acquired by vehicles; apparatus and instruments for signaling and checking the functioning of vehicles and vehicle parts and apparatus and instruments for measuring internal temperature of vehicles and vehicle parts; all of the aforesaid goods for the field of diagnostics and electronic solutions for vehicles and apparatus for locomotion by land; electronic apparatus for storing data and/or making diagnoses on stored databases relating to vehicle maintenance issues; electronic apparatus in the nature of data receivers which can be connected to an electronic control unit to receive data therefrom; downloadable computer software for diagnostic testing of vehicles and predicting and scheduling maintenance and repairs in connection therewith