Register USPTO Trademark
Serial Number 88720080
Status Pending
Filing Date 2019-12-09
Publication Date 2020-02-11
Owner Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. ()
NICE Classes  ? 28 - Games; toys; sports equipment

Goods & Services

Toys and sporting goods, namely, games and playthings, namely, action figures and accessories therefor; playsets for action figures; toy furniture; plush toys; balloons; bathtub toys; ride-on toys; playing cards and card games; toy vehicles; dolls; bobble head dolls; flying discs; electronic hand-held game unit; game equipment sold as a unit for playing a board game, a card game, a manipulative game, a parlor game and an action type target game; stand-alone video output game machines; slot machines; gaming equipment, namely, slot machines with or without video output; gaming machines, namely, devices which accept a wager; reconfigurable casino and lottery gaming equipment, namely, gaming machines and operational computer games software therefor sold as a unit; jigsaw and manipulative puzzles; paper face masks; skateboards; ice skates; water squirting toys; balls, namely, playground balls, soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs; baseball gloves; swimming floats for recreational use; kickboard flotation devices for recreational use; surfboards; swim boards for recreational use; swim fins; toy bakeware and toy cookware; play wands; toy construction sets; toy snow globes; paper party hats; Christmas tree ornaments; game equipment for playing parlor-type computer game, namely, computer gaming consoles for recreational game playing, computer game joysticks, game controllers for computer games, battery-powered computer games with LCD screen; fitted plastic films known as skins for covering and protecting electronic game playing apparatus, namely, video game consoles, hand-held video game units; paper party favors; Halloween masks